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I want.....

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Anybody else sick of this ownership in Nashville crap? Leipold sells the team for almost $50 million less then if he sold the team to Basillie then he says he didn't like how Basillie did his business. What a crock, I think Bettman was under the podium whispering what he wanted Leipold to say.

I don't care how the NHL does it, a team should be in SW Ontario, Basillie proved this would work, it would be a license to print money. Bettman is too daft and arrogant to admit his expansion through out the US was a bad idea and should have been halted about 10 years ago.

I am ticked off at the owners about hese damn contracts, why did the NHL have the lockout, things where a mess right away again, look at Kubina signing for $5 million a season and Jovo signing for $6.5, and both signed before last season, what a mess. Hartnell getting $4.2 and Penner getting over $4 million as well, what a fiasco. Can't blame the players, the owners offered the contracts.

Alexi Yashin have fun playing in Russia and eating crappy food you bum. Yashin says he was insulted by the contract offers he received, well Alexi the fans have been insulted by your play the last 10 years, you where bought out for $17 million but complain about not getting enough on a new deal, go home and cry to Svetlana or Martina, I don't care just don't come back.

I want Jagr to grow back his mullet.

I want Garth Snow to show up at GM meetings with that 2x4 from his playing days under his suit jacket.

I want VS. to disappear and ESPN to come back.

I want Zherdev to grow up and become a star.

I want to pay less then $12 for large beer at the ACC.

I want a team in Southern Ontario.

I want to see my Flyers out of the basement.

I want a healthy Peter Forsberg.

I want Brian Burke to turn one more shade of red when he's mad.

I want to eat dinner, see ya.
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