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My Apologies...

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Tonight's game started with the intense vigor that I had expected but in the end...it was dull. I think the coaches really calmed the player's down, the Tigers were able to keep the crowd out of it and the game really lacked the intensity that was expected.

In the end the Tigers scored the lone goal on a late second period power-play and the Giants could not muster much of a third period comeback. Like I said, after some intense moments in the early going I think the coaches calmed their player's down and mad them understand that there is no point in running ruckshaw over everything because there is another game to be played, settle the tone a little and make sure that we win and gaurantee ourselves a game on Sunday.

Wasn't much to write about...honestly there wasn't....
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May 24, 2007 1:19 PM ET | Delete
There wasn't much to write about from a Giants perspective, but I thought it was a solid, solid game by Medicine Hat. They played like an NHL club. So strong defensively with great goaltending. They're gonna be tough to beat. I enjoyed watching the game because the refs let them play.
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