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Ales Hemskey evened the contest with 3:22 remaining in the third period and Brad Isbister stole the show with a buzzer beating goal with less than 3 seconds on the clock. And the Vancouver Canucks won thier second pre-season game in consecutive nights.

With all that aside, from what I saw (and heard) of the game there was really nothing to get too excited about. The referee's did their best to suck the air out of the building by calling several penalties in the early going.

Daniel Sedin opened the scoring on a 4-on-4 situation set up by none other than his evil twin brother Henrik. Minutes later, with the Oilers on the power play, Sheldon Souray blasted a bullet past Cory Schiender to even the score. If you didn't see the shot, don't worry. I don't think anyone did, in fact they maybe assuming that it went in the net, it was that hard.

Ryan Kesler, Mayson Raymond and Brad Moran added second period tallies for the Canucks and Todd Gilbert responded for the Oilers as the clubs headed to the 2nd intermission with the Canucks ahead 4 - 2.

Early in the final frame Andrew Cogliano deflected Kyle Brodziak's point shot past goaltender Curtis Sanford, setting the stage for a dramatic ending to a rather boring hockey game.

This contest was so boring that even Dustin Penner fell asleep, or at least that's is what you would assume. One of the most disputed signings of the summer, Penner is going to face a lot of critisim and tonight (even though it was pre-season) is no exception. In 19:06 of ice-time on 21 shifts the 6-4, 220 lbs mamoth managed just 2 'missed shots' on goal and 2 hits. I don't care if its September 20th, March 20th, May 20th or even July 20th, anyone that is getting 19:00mins on the ice should be able to accomplish more than that. Oilers fans, I pray for you that this man somehow makes that $7 million dollar contract, but I seriously don't see it happening.

On another note, I hate to bash the Oilers on their uniforms. I know, coming from a man who has followed the Vancouver Canucks and their history, I should not have much to say but... THOSE NEW OILERS UNIFORMS ARE AWFUL. There is absolutely no design to them what so ever. It looks like they pulled some white t-shirts off the shelf, added a few stripes (on the underside of the arm?) and that was it. I am sorry, but for a franchise that carries the tradition of the Oilers I thought something more could come of it. Go back to the original, the the orange on the shoulders. Make loud, make it proud...
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September 21, 2007 2:49 AM ET | Delete
It's $4.3 million not $7 million, and Penner has been good every day except the first scrimmage. And this blog post is absolutely misguided. The Oilers only had 11 shots tonight, mostly on which on the PP. And a Canucks fan bitching about someone elses jersey? Priceless. The Canucks jersey's are quite possibly the worst jersey's in the history of professional sports.
September 21, 2007 7:50 AM ET | Delete
The Jersey's are quite simplistic, I would have liked to see full stripes and a shoulder patch (though no the Alberta flag), but I do like the look of sleek new jerseys.Your blog was alright, the Penner contract needs some number corrections, it was a $21.5Mil contract at 4.3 per year, and it's Tom Gilbert, not Todd.Glad to see Isbister is scoring goals, I never had any problems with him on the Oilers, solid 4th liner that adds some toughness.
September 21, 2007 3:49 PM ET | Delete
Well, I for one don't like the Oiler jerseys, they really are quite plain and when sideways look just like long sleeve white shirts, plus I'm not a fan of those thin lines. Souray really has one hell of a shot, even from the upper bowl it felt like the whole building rattled anytime it missed the net and hit the boards or glass. Some pretty awkward play by both teams last night made portions seem like an AHL game (not surprising obviously).
September 22, 2007 12:41 AM ET | Delete
I think next time you should look up some numbers before you post them, like where are you getting the $7mill from we are paying him only $4.3mill
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