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Game 7

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Desire. Heart. Determination. Focus. It all comes down to one game, erase everything that has happened between April 11 and April 22. All that matters is tonight. How bad do you want it? Let your actions speak.

Game 7 has to be the most stressful game to watch, but not only watching the game is stressful, actually the entire day is stressful. So stressful for fans that they begin to question every action they take. Which side of the bed do I get up out of? Do I shave? What should I have for breakfast? What time should I leave? Some may even question whether or not to shower. In the end I think you get my point.

If a fan goes through these conundrums throughout the day of game 7 what the heck goes through a players mind? The route to the rink? The time for the pre-game meal? Which way should I tape my stick? Tie the left skate or right skate first? are probably just a few of the things that go through their minds.

Seriously though, it all comes down to one word...Desire. Both Vancouver and Dallas have come from training camp (waaay back in September) they have now played 88 games (not including pre-season) and both teams season hangs in the balance of one game. Game 87. Everything that has happened from the begining of training camp til today means absolutely squat. Game 7 is what makes these players this is the night when each and every player must forget about the bumps and the bruises, this is the night where they forget about the missed opportunities, and the glorious saves, this is the night where they show to everyone, how bad do they want it.
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April 23, 2007 6:58 PM ET | Delete
Newphew23 To answer your question...To answer your question....Alex has admitted to doing it, Correct? So for him to say that straight up shows balls because at least he is not ducking the question. Has the league stepped in and suspended him? No, because it is a play that happens in every game at every level but you wouldn't now that because you probably haven't played the game.
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