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It has been six and a half months since the season began. To be totally honest, I did not believe that on the eve of the playoffs I would be saying, the Canucks host the Dallas Stars in Game #1, Round #1...tomorrow night! Oh what a feeling!

It is going to be a long 24 hours between tonight and the start of tomorrows game. I know that I don't speak for myself here when I say that its going to be a restless night and a long day at work tomorrow. The beer is in the fridge, the flags are on the car, the towels are hung by the chimney with care...opps getting a little carried away.

Fact of the matter is this may not be the best talented team that we have ever seen here in Vancouver (2002 - 2003 takes the cake on that one) but this is the probably one of the most confident groups that you we will ever witness in the Canuck colours (which ever those colours might be for any given season). The confidence stems from one person, you guessed it Roberto Luongo.

You see usually the Canucks have entered a series with either no hope, a little hope, or questionable goaltending. That cannot be the case this season we have our saviour Bingo! Bango! Bongo! his name is Roberto Luongo. Never have I felt more confident in a player that has played for our team. Not even Pavel Bure.

Bobby Lu is the reason for the Canucks number 1 ranked PK, he is the reason for our strong overtime (em! shootout) record, he is the reason we are in the playoffs, he is the reason we can all settle in for a good night sleep. That includes you Alain Vigneault, Markus Naslund, Sami Salo, Mattias Ohlund, Mike Modano... opps, sorry Mike you may want to have another wobbly pop, its going to take you awhile to figure this guy out.

Enjoy your sleep, there is a big game tomorrow!

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