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General Manager Dave Nonis has managed to bring back power forward Jeff Cowan after Cowan agreed to a 2-year in the '$700,000' range per season.

Cowan joined the Canucks via waivers back in December of 2006 just in time as the Canucks started their turnaround. Not expected to put up very big numbers but Cowan did experience a lengthly streak late in the season with six goals in a nine game stretch.

During the streak a fan tossed a bra on to the ice, the incident has now tagged Cowan as the 'Bra-barian' here in Vancouver.

Bringing back Cowan was a very key step in creating a new environment in the Canucks dressing room. Cowan is typically a hard worker and as mentioned started to get some results in the latter part of the season but lets not lose sight of the original reason as to why the Canucks picked him from the wire.

In addition to showing his offensive side, Cowan managed to rack up 93 penalty minutes in 41 games with Vancouver last season. Cowan is here to police the opposition and even though he may not be a NHL heavyweight, Cowan can hold his own.

Excellent move by Nonis...
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June 28, 2007 7:49 PM ET | Delete
It's great to hear that the "Bra-Barian" is coming back he was a big part of the time coming down the stretch. A 2-Year, $700,000 per season deal sounds reasonable and I hope he keeps his energy level up for next season.
June 28, 2007 7:52 PM ET | Delete
Good stuff. I liked what Cowan brought with him. The one thing I like about Nonis is that he seems to focus on guys who have commitment and are good in the room. It seems like Cowan brings that with him.
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