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All I have to say is that with the Stars extending the series to game 6, I sure hope that we do not have a 2003 situation on our hands. You see the Vancouver Canucks of 2002-2003 were probably the best tanlented team that has ever been put together in this city, at least for the regular season.

The west coast express was in full swing Todd Bertuzzi had 94 points, Markus Naslund tallied 104, Brendan Morrison was living in the fast lane playing with two of the NHL's best. Elsewhere, Marek Malik was tops in the league for +/-, Dan Cloutier had 30 wins, the supporting cast of the Sedins with Trent Klatt, Ed Jovanovski, Mattias Ohlund you name it that was the most talented Canucks team assembled. They were very well rounded, except they had one glaring weakness...their goaltender could not win them a game in the post season. Regular season, Dan Cloutier was great and I am not talking about 2006-2007 with the Los Angeles Kings, I think he has lost it.

Now, when I say what I am about to say there is definately going to be some angry Canucks fans out here. The Canucks goaltender in 2007, cannot win them a playoff game. The reason I say that is the Canucks goaltender will stand on his head and stop every puck that he see's but he cannot put the puck in the net at the other end of the ice.
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