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Roberto Knows...

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As has been the case since January, the Canucks All-Star goaltender rebounded from a poor performance in game one with an outstanding 43 save performance in game two. The Canucks have evened the Western Conference at one game a piece as the series head to a wild GM Place this afternoon for game three.

This has been a consistent trend of Roberto since the team began it's incredible run to the playoffs. As previously mentioned, the Canucks record since December 2006 has been excellent and the goaltending of Roberto Luongo has been stellar over the same period. You see, Roberto knows that he is the best player on this team, Roberto understands that without him on this game the team does not stand a chance and Roberto knows when it is absolutely imparative that he shut the door so that his mates have a chance at victory.

Without a doubt in anyone's mind Roberto was going to come out in game two knowing that a performance like that of game one is not good enough for the his team. And of course, Roberto did not let anyone down. The Ducks are a far superior offensive team than the Canucks and the Ducks are a team that Roberto had not defeated in the regular season. In fact, throughout his career Roberto has not faired well against the Ducks sporting a 0 - 3 record, with 9 goals against, a 3.80 goals against average, and a .857 save percentage in 9 games played.

So as much as the Ducks may have him figured out, Robert knows that he must somehow elevated his game against the Ducks to another level. A level that is beyond the game 7 performance vs. Dallas, a level beyond that of the 2004 World Championship, and a level beyond anyone's expectations. Listening to Roberto speak about his game has been a great treat for Canuck fans. The confidence that he exudes, and the pressure that he himself places on his own shoulders is incredible.

Last summer, the moment Roberto arrived in Vancouver he made the bold statement that he wanted to be in the playoffs. Several media and fans had to question the statement due to the on-going changes in the roster. In the end Robert knew that it would be the efforts of himself that would springboard this team to a return to the post-season and that is why...Roberto knows.
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