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New Era?

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It's been awhile, whatelse can I say. In the busy life that I lead, I have been unable to follow the Canucks as closely as I have in past season. So far this season it seems to be a good thing. With that being said it seems that we will all be looking for "other things" to occupy our minds while the Canucks play out what appears to be a rather dissmal season.

Yes, it is early but if the ship does not get turned around in the next 10 - 15 days can see something rather drastic happening to the team. A sinking ship is hard to rescue and several locals have been calling for the head of none other than last seasons Jack Adams winner Alain Vigneault. Personally, a coaching change is simply cosmetic and won't change a thing in this room. Vigneault had some help in winning the top coach award but rumors of guys like Naslund, Morrison and Ohlund (to name a few) tunning out the coach simply speaks volumes of the lack of character of these players.

This is something that I never understood about professional sports. Yes, coaches do "lose" the room every once in awhile but if you take the time to review the Canucks history I think the coach is the least of their worries at this point.

Agree with me or not, my finger is pointing directly at the man in charge of the team. Dave Nonis.

Nothing has been done to improve this hockey club since the addition of Roberto Luongo. He has waited out too long to yeild anything of quality for Markus Naslund or Brendan Morrison. The fact that these two are suppose to be leaders on this team is something that other GM's will look at. Neither Naslund or Morrison seem willing to take this team on their back.

With all this being said, I think its time that we being our search for possible GM candidates. Honestly the cupoard does seem rather bare. Pat Quinn comes to mind but I think Pat's desire is and always will be coaching. Names like Steve Tambelini or possibly Detroit's Assistant GM Jim Nill are others that come to mind. Over the next few blogs I am going to be researching possible replacements. Any suggestions?
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November 3, 2007 6:40 PM ET | Delete
If Nonis doesn't make a move by the end of the year that will change the teams dynamic than ship him out...We don't have to win this year, but the wheels have to be put into motion now or success won't ever be ours...
November 3, 2007 7:52 PM ET | Delete
Vancouver fans need to stop accepting mediocracy and demand excellence...that is the problem with this city.
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