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Why do you not give a damn about your hockey team? Why do you not show them any due respect? Oh and...What are the Ducks gonna do when Pronger gets suspended, as he should?

The Ducks of Anaheim, formerly known as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim have been one of the most successful hockey teams in recent years. Beyond the three Western Conference Final appearances and beyond the Stanley Cup your team has one of the best young talent pools that the NHL has to offer. Your depth and the future of your team may only be surpassed by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Getzlaf and Perry are so dominate at such a young age that in 3 - 5 years these kids will be carrying the franchise...but it may not be in Anaheim!

Start showing up to games, start staying at the game until the end of it regardless of the outcome. Show the team that you give a damn because it makes me sick that places like Anaheim cannot give away tickets to playoff games. During the series against the Canucks the Vancouver fans that we in attendance were louder than the Ducks fans, the only reason the Ducks fans sounded so loud was the fact that the Ducks goal horn is turned up so freaking loud that it probably drowns out the screams of the kids on the rides at Disneyland.

In case you didn't notice (which I am willing to bet that you didn't) the NHL recently went through a lockout...and from that lockout they instituted a salary cap. That salary cap means that once Getzlaf and Perry are up for new contracts, the Ducks will not be able to keep their team together. Pronger and Neidermayer already make $6 million plus, Getzlaf and Perry will probably make at least $3 -$4 million. Give your head a shake, wake up, if you do not want the team ...your actions are speaking loud and clear...Mr Bettman this is embarassing to your game to have a franchise like this in your final four. As the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (or whatever they are called now) go through their 165 game schedule the Ducks are sitting there, 3 victories from their second Stanley Cup Final appearance in four years and no one gives a damn. My give a damn is busted, the NHL will continue to suffer if franchises like this continue to hold back the growth of the game.

Oh and Chris Pronger was lucky to remain in the game...Neidermayer took a bullet for him, thank goodness for television. Expect a suspension to be announced tomorrow morning, if not, it will explain the absurdity of this league and its leadership.

Memorial Cup Sked Below

Date Time Matchup
Fri., May 18 6:00pm PST Plymouth @ Vancouver
Sat., May 19 1:00pm PST Medicine Hat @ Lewiston
Sun., May 20 1:30pm PST Vancouver @ Lewiston
Mon., May 21 5:00pm PST Medicine Hat @ Plymouth
Tues., May 22 5:00pm PST Lewiston @ Plymouth
Wed., May 23 7:30pm PST Vancouver @ Medicine Hat
Thurs., May 24 7:30pm PST Tie Breaker Game (if required)
Fri., May 25 5:00pm PST Semi Final Game
Sun., May 27 1:00pm PST Championship Game
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May 16, 2007 1:43 AM ET | Delete
Wow. I could not have said this any better myself nor articulated what it is that drives me crazy about California sports fans, most of them anyway. I realize that the game was over after the 1st period. So be it - stay and watch the entire game. The Ducks are, as stated so eloquently above, one of the most talented young teams in the league and a team that will do some serious damage over the next few years. Watch them. Go to the games. Frack the NHL Management because the only reason we still watch this dying beauty is because we love the game, although the people running the league certainly make that hard anymore.Nice post. Well said. I concur completely.
May 16, 2007 1:52 AM ET | Delete
Thanks for the reply, as I addressed in the title my question is to the city of Anaheim California, to add to my point....I don't expect anyone from California to respond.
May 16, 2007 8:42 AM ET | Delete
While I completely agree with EVERYTHING you just said, I hope you don't really think this is representative of all sports fans and hockey fans in the state of California. You have to understand that although NHL hockey has been in California for a long time (believe it or not, as long as it's been in Pa. or Minnesota), it's still a relatively niche sport. There are a lot of rabid hockey fans in Ca. I will ask to to refer to the playoff games in San Jose. Those people are completely psycho for their sharks. I would never expect hockey to be number one in the Los Angeles area or even top 3 as there is just so much to do in that area. I would wager that at least half the people at Ducks and Kings games are there on corporate tickets and don't really give a damn about the actual game. They are there to be seen and to conduct business. But, don't let that falsely lead you to believe that the state of California is incapable of genuinely loving the game of hockey. I'm not implying that this is what you said in your blog, and as I said I actually agree with what you've said, I just want you to know that there are a lot of true NHL fans in California.
May 16, 2007 3:02 PM ET | Delete
A few years ago one of the L.A. Kings made a statement that "If you don't bounce a basketball in this town, you ain't nothing" and to a point he was right and that was made when Gretzky played for L.A. but he was not the one who made the statement. When you have 4 pro teams playing "America's Games" and competing for the Dollar and fan, in that order, the NHL is going to get the rumble seat, because here it's still a novelty and just something to do when they can't get the ticket to the baseball or basketball games. For "us" die hard hockey for blood running in our veins, we don't need the gimmicks to bring us to the games, just good hockey teams.
May 18, 2007 11:37 PM ET | Delete
Well as a die hard sports fan living in Orange County, as well as a season ticket holder for the Ducks since the first puck drop back in 1993, I agree! What a shame, it just makes me so mad at the fair weather fans in So Cal.. Growing up a Dodger fan and sitting in our season seats since 1972, the same goes for there. I was still sitting in our seats when Kirk Gibson hit the 9th inning GW homer off of Dennis Eckersley in the 1998 World Series. The one thing missing was about 20,00 fans that were already eaving the stadium and in the parking lot. Sitting through 14 seasons at the Pond, I am still amazed at the lack of fanatacism that exists. Yes there are many corporate tix, so there is a lack of commitment there. But us who spend our hard earned money really enjoy staying through the three star selection at the end of the game. We don't need gimmicks, but people would rather beat the traffic to get home than enjoy the heriocs of a last minute victory, bottom of the 9th GW homer, or last second basket. Unfortunate but true for So Cal..Ducks in 6 and I will be there through the very end!
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