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Predictions Round 2

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As mentioned previously I hate making predictions, especially when it comes to the hometown Canucks. To begin I will review my first round selections:

My predictions:

Red Wings in 7
Ducks in 6
Stars or Canucks in 6
Predators in 6

Sabres in 4
Devils in 6
Penguins in 6
Rangers in 5


Red Wings in 6
Ducks in 5
Canucks in 7
Sharks in 5

Sabres in 5
Devils in 6
Senators in 6
Rangers in 4

My record: Series winner: 5 - 2 - 1 Number of games: 1 - 7 - 0

Round 2 here we go...

Let's start in the Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings vs. San Jose Sharks

At first glance you look at this series with the number one seeded Red Wings agains the number five seeded Sharks and you think, Detroit should take this one in a walk. I wouldn't put it past the young, high flying, physical Sharks to make this a serious dog fight. Joe Thornton has been unbelivable this season on his own coaches word, "He's been better this season than he was last season", just a reminder Joe Thornton won the Hart Trophy last season. As for the Red Wings who have just come off one of the most gruling six game series that I have seen in years. The physicality that the Red Wings played with in the first round will have to be just as evident here in the second round. Early on in the series the Wings will be without the presence of Tomas Holstrom in front of the opposition net, welcome words to the ears of Evgeni Nabokov. For this series, I have a feeling that I may get the team wrong but as for the number of games...I am going to go with the Red Wings in 7.

Anahiem Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

As you already know, I hate making predictions on the hometown boys. The Ducks are clearly the more offensive team and to make matters worse the Canucks were shutout in their previous three playoff loses heading into the series. The Canucks on the other hand are extremely tight defensively and posses the series wild card in Roberto Luongo. If the Vancouver defense can handle the large Duck forwards and allow Roberto to see the shots, life will be a lot easier for the 6.745 million dollar man. . If the Canucks can get a split in Anahiem the series will immediately take shape as a long gruling affair. Lets go with the Ducks in 6.

Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers

My prediction list is late (Game 1 is currently 5 - 2 Sabres in 3rd) so this prediction may seem to be influenced. The Rangers had a rather easy time in round one with the playoff virgins in the Atlana Thrashers. During the regular season, whenever I saw the Thrashers play I questioned, how are the first in their division? On the other hand I would say to myself, watch out for the Rangers. So in the end, the sweep of the Thrashers was not a surprise. As for the Sabres, I expected them to have less trouble than they did in the first round. I think the Rangers could make a series of this, the do have lots of talent and Sean Avery showed uncharacteristic discipline in the first round. The Sabres in the end should prove to have too much speed and skill for the Rangers defence and the goaltending match-up will have to edge with Ryan Miller. Sabres in 6, helps with the hockey pool too.

New Jeresy Devils vs. Ottawa Senators

Many will question my loyalty to my country but the Devils consistent work ethic, defensive play and goaltending will over power the Senators. Devils in 7.

Sorry the last one was so short, the game is on!
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