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Off To The Game...

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This past weekend my co-horts and I got together and drew out our Canucks tickets. I managed to snatch this evenings pre-season contest against the Sharks. Although, I was not impressed with the fact that it is pre-season, I am rather intrigued to see some of the notable prospects that the Canucks have to offer this season. Namely, Mayson Raymond.

I am quite pleased that Alain Vigneault has decided to give him and Michael Grabner an extra look and (as we all know) the last three games of pre-season are definately going to be more 'NHL' calibre. I will be looking, rather closely, to see if either of these prospects show better than Alex Burrows.

Burrows took some heat last night on the Late Show (Team 1040) with Blake Price. Price suggested that Burrows has been 'working hard' for too long with very little (if any) results. Maybe that is a roster spot that Raymond or Grabner can snag.
September 27, 2007 6:28 PM ET | Delete
If Vigneault opts for three scoring lines as he did hint that he might, you just might be right.
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