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Our House, Our Game

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Sunday afternoon the Canucks lost yet another home ice playoff game, dropping their record to a terrible 3 - 9 in their last 12 playoff games at GM Place., dating back to the 2003 Western Conference Semi-Final versus Minnesota. I think not. You would think that with the noise levels that are reached, the passion that is shown by the fans that the Canucks record at home would be reversed.

Before I get into the meat of my blog, I would like to say. For those of you who have not enjoyed the honour of being inside 'the garage' during the playoffs, it is absolutely mind-blowing. The acoustics inside the arena are top notch but to the point where television and radio do not give the place any justice. The roar of the crowd is so loud that sometimes you can't even hear your own screams. The television production on CBC this past Sunday did do a pretty good job of capturing the essence of the crowd but then Luongo made a gaff and the Ducks netted an easy goal.

In terms of 'home ice advantage' General Motors Place has not been all that friendly to the Canucks, especially come playoff time. In fact, dating back to their first playoff (in GM Place) the Canucks lost their first seven home ice playoff games before finally winning one in front of their home crowd in the 2003 Western Conference Quarter-Finals vs. St. Louis. The only time the club has been able to go on extended runs in the playoff's has been when they have been able to get on a roll at home, those two runs are without any doubt the 1982 and 1994 Stanley Cup runs. Not that the Canucks have a longwinded Stanley Cup playoff history but the infamous 'Towel Power' seems to have lost its luster as the crowd cheers the team continues to suffer loss after loss on home ice.

It doesn’t stop their, the Canucks have had a terrible playoff history. Over the team has made 21 playoff appearances with an overall record of 10 series wins and 19 series losses. Not coincidentally, six of those 10 series wins have come in the improbable runs of 1982 and 1994. The other four series victories have come in 2007 vs. Dallas, 2003 vs. St. Louis and 1991-1992 vs. Winnipeg. Overall the club has amassed a losing record in playoff games with 66 wins in 155 playoff games.

In the berth place of 'Towel Power' the Canucks do not have a long history in the Stanley Cup playoffs and the record doesn't lie. With those 21 playoff appearances the team has managed only 2 trips to end. But when the team is least expected to do so, 'Towel Power' has carried them to an opportunity to shine. And of course, without regret, the faithful show up and cheer their team because this is Vancouver and here...we are all Canucks
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