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What's That Noise?

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That noise is the pounding of the Plymouth Whalers by the Vancouver Giants and for the ninth time in the month of May the Giants will face the Medicine Hat Tigers.

Feeling the pressure of the let down with Wednesday's loss, the Giants took it to the Whalers early with Wacy Rabbit beating Michael Neuvirth on the games first shot. Before the first period was out Michal Repik would make it 2 - 0 with his first goal of the tournament.

Before all was said and done Michal Repik and James Wright would have 2 goals a piece while Cody Franson, J.D. Watt, Spencer Machachek and Wacy Rabbit would all tally singles. Other standouts for the G-men were the 3 assist outing for Milan Lucic, two assists from Mario Bliznak and Watt added two assists to his single goal.

For the Giants it was about time that their domination of their oppenent finally paid off. There has been several time throughout the tournament where the Giants would have a serious edge in puck possession but nothing really seemed to work on the scoreboard. It was coming and and sooner or later some team was going to feel the wrath of the wave after wave of Giants attacking. Last night, the Whalers get the wrath, they felt it big time.

As the Whalers lick their wounds the Giants will now prepare for the Tigers and I hope we get a repeat of Game 7 of the WHL Final and not a repeat of last Wednesday's performance.
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