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I thought about this one for a while a said "Oh what the hell ". It's like Jack Burton in Big Trouble in Little China. Damn what a good movie! So if the Rangers are really going to give this cup run a shot their gonna need a quality 1-2 punch in net. Cujo has had alot of nice playoff performances in his career. Those of you lucky enough to have the NHL Network can see the dog steal games with the Blues. He's always involved in a Classic Series of Best Goalie performances of blah blah blah. But it's his total highlight reel goaltending with Edmonton that ranks on top. Playing in those classic bouts with Dallas, Joseph was a one man show .It's no wonder why Glen Sather reached out to his agent the other day. Don Meehan will be working on deals with Sather for both Lundqvist and Girardi. Meehan doesn't have to sell his client to Slats. Sather has seen him perform and obviously the 40 year old keeper can still play as he just one a tournament in Canada. Rangers fans have always had a love affair with Cujo. When both he and Mike Richter were free agents in the summer of 1998,there was alot of talk around the office that Cujo would be a better fit. I remember taking the train home from a Rangers/Leafs game. This guy had on a Leafs hat and a Rangers shirt. I had to ask him what the hell he was thinking and he said," I love the Rangers,but damn you gotta love Cujo!" It's true as a goalie myself you have to admire the best. Plus Joseph was flashy I rember his mask in St louis from the horns and notes to the first Dog mask. For those goalie mask junkies it was just the dog at the top,not the full face. Speaking of dog days I remeber an interview on the radio with Glenn Healy. He had begun his analyst career and was talking about a horrible Rangers club. One of the major points he had made was that the Rangers should have signed Curtis Joseph. Healy had played with both he and Richter and with no disrespect to #35,knew both of thier styles. Joseph was a master of defensive breakdowns and the Rangers were a horrible defensive team. Toronto was a lousy defensive club and he managed to help them win and beat a better Ottawa club twice.

Now at 40 I'm not sure he will be able to barricade the fort,but I'm sure he can hold his own. The 2008 Rangers are one of the best defensive clubs in the NHL,so he won't be left out in the yard. Allaire is a goaltending guru,but Joseph give the Rangers an on ice tudor for Lundvist. It's easy to put egos aside looking at and learning from a goalie whose been there and done that. Not to mention no one wears # 31 on the Rangers Roster, and rabid dog in the city could be one nice mask too!
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