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It is inevitable that the Rangers will have to move some players to make room for Mats Sundin. I still think they should remain in the hunt,as the Rangers will need another scoring threat to compete in the East.For one or two years the Blue shirts would add much needed size to slow down the attack of the Pens,Flyers and beefed up Tampa.I think a line of Mats,Naslund,and Dubinsky on the wing would really do some damage in the east.Plus the size of the two players would keep Naslund healthy and give him tons of room to capitalize on rebounds.But as fans and local papers do the math the best option to clean house ASAP may be to move Michael Rozsival. Even though their defense looks to be among the top in the East,they may be handcuffing themselves for the future.

If Bobby Sanguinetti makes huge strides this season and surprises the Rangers brass they will have to move another blue liner to open up another roster spot. Giving young players significant ice time has paid huge dividends in the progress department,look at Marc Staal. There will be growing pains and plenty of turnovers,but by pairing Sanguinetti with an experienced vet like Paul Mara will ease the transition.I like keeping Mara on this team with his one year 1.5 million deal. Not only is his salary cheap but he took less to come back here. He will have a fire in his gut to add more $ and years to his next deal.The Rangers could then keep the 7th spot open for a gritty stay at home type like Corey Potter. By losing Roszivals 5 million up front the Rangers should be in the neighborhood of funds to add the former Leaf. They will also gain additional cap room for the next 4 years,in which they will have to give Staal a raise and possibly extend Zheredev. The Rangers will still have to move another forward like Prucha to clear cap and roster room. Lauri Korpikoski will be able to step in and take over his spot in the lineup,while Alex Elder in Vancouver( BlueNotes) could be swapped for the Czech forward.The Rangers gain yet another Swede and add another young defenseman,while the Canucks add some needed scoring potential.

As to where Rozi could fit in,there are plenty of teams looking to add puck moving defenseman with a scoring touch.The Kings still need to add money to reach the cap floor and will need experience in the lineup if they can't fix their goaltending situation. With a plethora of picks this past draft,they are sure to have some more as they should be near the bottom of the mix again. The Rangers have lost a few farm players to other clubs and need to add to their goaltending and defensive stables.Edmonton and San Jose had planned on adding Redden in the off season,could they be willing to look at Rozsival instead ? Phoenix has been mentioned as a possible trade partner with NY ( of course) and the Coyotes could look to pony up Jared Staal and Joel Gistedt (goaltender) in a package. Either way there are options to move a 29 year old top 4 defenseman to some club in this league. Even though Rozi is an asset to the team, the worst thing would be for another club to hold the Rangers hostage knowing they have to dump a player to make space.
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I have a feeling that Sather is waiting on training camp...he wants to see if any of Potter, Pock or Sanguinetti have what it takes to be in the NHL.. I also believe Sundin's number one choice is the Rangers.I'm not a big fan of Rozsival, but I think if we trade him, then Redden will be a failure in NY. Redden is a first pair d-man, no doubt, but it seems the pressure got to him when Chara left. As of now, there's at least Rozsival to also take some pressure (even though Rozsival is a 2nd pair d-man).Is it worth trading Rozsival to clear up cap space to sign Sundin? I honestly don't know. It'd be great to have someone like Sundin in NY, but we already have too many centers.. then again he had 78 points in 74 games last year.I think it's best if Sundin stays in Toronto or goes to Montreal.. the Rangers (as of now) are the second youngest team in the NHL.. during the dark ages of 97-04 we couldn't say that!I say we keep the youth movement going and keep things as is... afterall.. we'll have some RFAs/UFAs next year.. and Drury/Gomez were signed to be leaders of this team.. last year Jagr slowed them down, and no doubt, Sundin would do the same (in terms of taking over leadership).All I know is, it's going to be an awesome year!
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Edler for Prucha! Wow. How about Marc Staal for Jeff Cowan? Almost as bad. If Sundin comes back and wants the Rangers, moving Rozsival might be the best option. But I sure wouldn't move him until I knew that was what will happen. I still think it is Leafs or retire for Mats.
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I agree with PwozNYR. I would be ok with trading Rozy, although I don't mind him at all, but I am completely against trading Prucha to free up cap space for a 37 y.o. Sundin. I am a strong believer that Prucha will break out next season if given opportunity to play PP and on top 2 lines. If PRucha is on the line with Gomer and Naslund, for example, he could easily return to his 30 goal season form. Also, I doubt Sanguinetty is ready this season. Even though Staal surprised everyone and was phenominal last season, let's not compare the two. I think perhaps next season will be the one where Sanguinetty makes the team, and takes the place of Kalinin/Mara. Instead of Sundin, I would much rather see the Rangers move Rissmiller/Fritche/Voros and resign Shanny for one more year.
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i agree with trading rozi, but not now. Sundin is a great player, and I would love to have him on the team, but he's old. I think we're better off going for a younger better free agent next year. Even though I say all this I still think the Rangers are going to sign sundin. Which would make everything you say up there make sense. But I think you would see prucha, rissmiller, kalinin, and mara go before rozi. 1.6 1 2.1 1.5=6.2 mill. And to be honest besides prucha I would rather have prospects than those guys.
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I honestly don't see how brining in another forward and moving one of if not your best Dman helps you out. Last year you brought in two of the most highly touted centers and busted. Now you bring in naslund and redden, overpaying redden by a ton, but they will help you guys be better. Trading a solid dman for a year or doubtfully 2 yrs of Mats is a waste. IMHO
August 7, 2008 9:46 AM ET | Delete
Busted? Gomez was points leader for 70 games (Jagr didn't start trying until March). Drury was too busy making up for the defensive mistakes of Malik/Backman, who are awful, but still managed 10 GWG and at least 5 games that he sent into OT... that's hardly "busted."
August 7, 2008 10:23 AM ET | Delete
I gotta Agree a ton with my fellow comrade PWOZNYR! Gomez was an Allstar least season and had one if not his best point producing seasons. Drury Was bounced all over and had to center a third line. I mentioned dealing Rozi not just for Sundin Cap Room, but to provide space for Sanguinetti and the extensions that they have to make
August 7, 2008 10:56 AM ET | Delete
Didn't they JUST re-sign him?
August 7, 2008 11:00 AM ET | Delete
Edm and SJ both added high priced Dmen already, niether have much cap space.....can't see it happening.
August 7, 2008 12:02 PM ET | Delete
The only way NYR will be trading Roszival this off-season is if Glenn Sather gets fired, and that ain't happening. You don't trade a player you signed to a contract the month prior just so you can free up cap space for the future unless 1. the guy asked for a trade 2. was a RFA. It's pretty obvious that Roszival wants to be in NY otherwise he wouldn't of signed the deal and he wasn't a RFA. If they were going to trade him just so they could get something for him they would of done it at the draft. Sather has known since the trade deadline in February that Sundin has wanted to play for the Rangers, you don't shoot yourself in the foot by signing away cap space with guys you actually don't want on your team. Roszival more than likely got a no-trade clause in his deal as well. I think you'd be wise to keep him anyway because Redden sucks.
August 9, 2008 2:00 PM ET | Delete
Trading a guy you just signed to a longterm deal sets a horrible precedent for future free agent signings or resignings with your club. If you trade him after a year thats one thing, but immediately before the season even starts on his new deal? Roszival could have signed elsewhere but wanted to stay in NYC. If you sign a guy and then immediately trade him somewhere he didnt want to play, what are future free agents going to think? Then you're going to have everyone who signs there demand a NTC for fear their new contract was just for the Rangers to have another asset to move.
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