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After watching Sundin accept the Messier Award yesterday,I couldn't help but realize why the Rangers aren't mentioned in the " Mats sweepstakes". They will lose a few vets in Shannahan and possibly Straka. Malik and Mara could walk and the cap will increase. After reaping the rewards of the first award recipient ( Shanny) ,maybe the Rangers should follow up with the second.

Mats is still a dominant force and is a viable candidate to center Jagr or shift Drury to the wing. Adding Sundin gives the Rangers some size up front and a power play presence. He seems hell bent on staying close to Toronto and the NY -TO Flight is 45 mins at best. He's already won a Gold metal with Lundqvist so their is a familiar face on the club.Ranger fans may stray away from this idea sensing a step back in team direction. But if you look at the short term picture,it makes a lot of sense. Sundin will be in the market for a 1-2 year deal maybe a team option for a 3rd year. No one can second guess his leadership qualities and by losing Shannahans voice in the locker room,Mats is ideal candidate to fill the void. If the Rangers are really getting into Oli Jokinen trade conversations they will have to give up some quality prospects and and picks as well. Adding the Fin, would definitely bolster their lineup with a 29 year old big body forward. But,his contract will expire in 2 years and the Rangers will have to maneuver his extension into their cap. Oli hasn't won yet and if they gamble and win ,maybe Oli will have won too. If he takes a few steps back,it will have cost the Rangers prospects and the potential quarterback trade they need. Sundin on the other hand won't cost them any picks or prospects,and working his contract with incentives fits better into the Rangers plans.

Maybe Leafs fans can swallow the Ranger pill a little bit easier than watching him play in Montreal or in Buffalo. Playing in little Sweden with the Wings has got to be tempting,but will their hunger be the same if they win this year? Having Renny run the bench and continue to develop the Ranger youth is vital,but having Mats as an on ice mentor is clutch. Watching Pittsburgh in the finals,they may be missing that one on ice leader to push them over the top. You look at Detroit with Steve Yzerman, or look at Mario in with the Pens,and last Messier in NY. These assets need to be used not only for their on and off ice leadership,their abilities to score big goals,but to help teams progress with the future. Had the Rangers signed and drafted character players and deplete their system,maybe Messier's words would have rang a little longer. If Mario had stayed healthy he too could have carried the torch a little longer,even though Jagr tried. But what is clear, is how the Wings were able to draft players and keep them while continuing Yzermans legacy. Toronto is too late to take advantage of what Mats has left. They have drafted pretty poorly and if they rebuild,Mats talents will be wasted. The Rangers on the other hand are right in the mix and after a few years of rebuilding have talent waiting to learn. They have young hungry players continuing to thrive on their developing skills and words from our games wise veterans.If Dubinsky is on board,imagine what Sundin could show the growing power center. Maybe Mats is the guy who finally gets Dupont and Jessiman to the next level,strengthening the Rangers future. He has begun to plant seeds in Toronto with a healthy Nik Antropov finally breaking out. Having him walk on to a team waiting to win like the Wings, is an easy way out. But having him help lead future Rangers on the ice would be,well like getting a Messier Reward
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ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Listen, why would you spend well over 5 million on yet another center? We have Gomer, Dru, and Duby. So instead of signing Mats (who I think is a great palyer don't get me wrong) and looking to move Dru to the wing, why don't we just sing a WINGER. Two names come to mind right of the bat - JAGR and AVERY! Then we should go and try to get a solid stay at home D-man and a PP quaterback. That should be your short term solution (until hopefully Sanguinetti comes through), NOT getting a 37 year old center!Speaking of short term solutions and PP quaterback, is there any chance dallas would trade Zubov?
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I hear ya believe me, and after watching Orpik last night I'de like to see him at the Garden. I just think Mats can provide some solid on ice teaching. I had other teams would consider moving him to the wing,maybe thats a solution. They need a wing,I'm just not 100% sold on the free agent class. As for Zubov, I had written that the Rangers should have got him mid season. He's on a one year deal with Dallas and has played with Hull, his new GM. If they're willing to listen,I hope the Rangers are right in the mix.
May 29, 2008 3:11 PM ET | Delete
If Drury doesn't mind moving to wing (he can still take the faceoffs!).. lol.
May 29, 2008 3:22 PM ET | Delete
Yeah it doesn't hurt to have two centers available for the draw.
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Message Post A superstar approaching the twilight of his career? Will Sundin vault the Rangers to a Cup winning season? I think the Rangers have defensive issues that need to be addressed. Sundin is a luxury that doesnt address any of those needs. Sundin is a valuable pick up for a team needing one more piece to the puzzle. Despite all the wishful thinking, the Rangers are quite a few more pieces away.
May 30, 2008 10:35 AM ET | Delete
Your absoultely right about them needing things on this club.One happens to be size as the Rangers looked small vs the Pens. Sundin would help this dept while not nailing down thier cap.The team mad the second round again this year and should have been dealt a different card vs Gary Bettmans puppy.But their shopping list should be a quarterback,Brooks Orpik,Avery,and a Wing for Gomez. The wing could come from a trade of excess fowards or through a RFA signing.Opening up additional spots give the Rangers an opp to let bigger fowards Greg Moore,Hugh Jessiman, and Brodie Dupont make a push.
June 1, 2008 10:36 PM ET | Delete
Sundin is going to be looking for a 7M contract with the Leafs probably, and his market value was estimated at 8.5M... do you really have room on your cap for another one of those contracts?actually, the best thing you could do is get rid of either Gomez or Drury, and have Sundin line up with Jagr... that would be amazing
June 2, 2008 1:57 PM ET | Delete
Yeah Glucker ( nice packman Ghost) that would be nice. Unfortunatley Those two guys have No trade clauses on thier deals. If Sundin is looking for upwards of 8 mill the few teams that have expressed interest are going ot have some problems. The Habs , Sens and Wings are going to have some issues getting him under the cap. Mats may have to take a deal simialr to Shannahan or Jagr, a base deal loaded with 30 incentives.
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