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I just wanted to get some feedback from the Fishstick squad. All jokes aside it was nice to team up with my foes last week or so. With the Islanders and Rangers going to war a few of us had to inform the world just how intense the battles are. After seeing the Rangers/Devils last night, god it's great being a hockey fan in the NY area. Hats off to you who took the time to put NY on the map in TopRtLW76's blogg.
Back to business. If the Islanders rumors are true and they have to make a choice between Mike Milbury's son and Coach Nolan,it's clear they should move Rick. He's a hell of a goalie and he's a warrior on team of marginal players.To keep his team in games DP has to walk the line between brilliant and stupid. At times he gets forced into making dangerous saves. Last year he was put on the shelf with a concussion in Montreal. This year his hip has knocked him out early again. The truth is the size of his contract is as big as his heart. He will fight and compete and has put on some performances of a lifetime vs my Rangers. He handles the puck better than half his D core and thats why the Islanders should trade him. Yep I said it,trade him.

Ted Nolan was run out of Buffalo and the irony of the story was that it was another goalie. The story line is blurred and there are clean and dirty verisons to every truth. But the fact is,he's one hell of a coach. He's taken another c level club to near playoff contention.After injuries caught up with the sticks,they finally drowned in an Eastern conference that must make NBA exects lose there bowls. The competition in our game is now becoming the best in the world.Teddy can almost turn water into whine and I can only wonder how fast he would have clean up the toy room at MSG 5-6 years ago. I'm thankful for Tom Renny and it's becoming clear that a #1 coach is just as important as a #1 goalie. Sure you can say that the main reason the Islanders made it as far was becuase of Rick. But you just have to look into last years drive to see how Teddy managed a club into the playoffs with an AHL netminder.Ted can squeeze the best out of players,turning role guys into scorers and making scorers into character players.

Let's face it Rick still is tied into maybe the worst NHL trades of all time. It's a bad taste that seems to never leave the walls of the Mozz. Milbury sent Luongo and Olli Jokenin to Florida for Kavasha(who) Parrish(ehh) and a # 1 pick(could have been Heatly).Milbury shook the draft day table nabbing the Boston native for his puck handling skills and his determination. Both of those attributes are dead on,but the dream of having 3 superstars skate in Nassau is now a nightmare. Having those players grow on this team and win on the Island may have laid the foundation for other players to come work 30 min from the city. Instead of begging players to come and skate here,they could have showed them the beach and handed them a pen. Now the Islanders have to fill in the blanks on a madlibs roster ,that Nolan has handled well.

Being from Boston may help Ricky,cause I think they are the best fit for him. Boston lacks a fire ball and seems to only gain steam when there Captain (let's not get started on that one) dropps the gloves. Thier D has always had questions but no hole is bigger than the one that lingers in the net. Boston is on the lines of greatness and is an Avery and Lundqvist away from being,well the Rangers. Kessel is alsome,Patrice Bergeron will be back next year(if not skating now),and they have a top team in Providence. Auld,Thomas,and Fernandez,Jesus give me a break. Boston fans should put the pads on Gevin Garnett.Auld has done well but the constant carousel is enough. Why not provide long term cheap stabillity with DP. A hometown kid playing in the shadows of some of B's greats.Cheevers,Moog,Ranford,and Ray. It just so happens that he has some of those numbers on the back of his mask. Boston would need to offer some quality in return,with either Kessel,Axelson,or Bergeron headed to NY. After aquiring some extra picks ,Snow ( Mass native) could doctor up Rask coming back to the Mozz as well. The Islander have zero goaltending depth in their organization.He would finally give them that asset and insurance they need. This summer the Islanders will have some money to spend and adding a nice young scorer up front may lighten the blow on missing out in the FA pool. On the flip side,playing with Kessel or adding the two way player ( Axelson) that Nolan likes could help attract UFAs. One thing the Islanders do have is money. With Ottawa possibly buying out Emery,he's worth a shot. He likes to compete and everyone knows what he's capable of. Just ask Mike Comerie what he thinks of him. I think a change of scene would fit him well. They could also look at Huet or his backup Olie Kolzig.Either way the idea is that they can add two players to a team that has a hard time adding one. Dealing Rick to Beantown (getting back enough for once) is the best divorce.
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March 20, 2008 12:33 PM ET | Delete
First I'd like to thank you for my reference to my blog. But I'm sorry to say that I disagree with alot of what you're saying. I understand the points you make about trading DP, but it will never happen. Not for I'd say the next 10 years minimum. The team wouldn't have signed him to a 15 year deal if they thought that he wasn't the man to make this team a contender, if he wasn't the franchise, and he is. He has had injury problems early that are quite a concern, but he hasn't missed that much playing time during the season because of them. I'm not downplaying hip injuries at the age of 26 at all. Teddy even said on Isles TV that it will definately cause Nolan to give him a few more games rest next year...a 2nd hip injury has woken up this team and they're realizing he can't play all 82 games..and it's about damn time. You're points about what we could have had do make sense..but that's EXACTLY why we won't ever trade DP. We already lost Luongo, you think this organization wants another case like that on their hands? Idk yet if DP will be as good as Luongo, but he's shown he's an all-star goaltender and that I'm sure is enough for this team to acknowledge that they don't want to regret another mistake. But overall, these silly rumors of them fighting or not getting along have been downplayed by Nolan. The media loves to start trouble, and the fact that the ironman sat for an extra game gave them plenty of reason to try to start trouble. Players and coaches aren't always going to agree, but that doesn't mean after a disagreement someone's job is in jeopardy. Like you said, a #1 coach is just as important as a #1 goaltender - DP is staying for the reasons stated along with his unwanted contract, and unless Nolan doesn't re-sign after next year, the Isles will do everything they can to keep him. He's been our best coach in years.
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Dipietro is one of the best and most under rated goalies in the league. That, plus his contract that a lot of teams would be very hesitant to take on, mean he's not going anywhere, imo.Whatever feuding is going on, I would think that the differences of opinion between Snow and Noaln would be more paramount in determining whether Nolan is back. Personally, I think they would be nuts to let him walk.
March 20, 2008 2:29 PM ET | Delete
Reading that was like riding in a 40 year old shockless truck in rock infested field. I got thrown every direction and it was extremely uncomfortable.
March 20, 2008 3:16 PM ET | Delete
Thats fine Ducks Fan..everyone wants to Be Jay Leno today. First, are you aware of the two teams I was talking about. Second,you neglected to mention why the article was uncomfortable.Thanks for you quality feedback,what the hell are you talking about!
March 20, 2008 3:50 PM ET | Delete
I just couldn't follow the 6 teams, 4 coaches, 10 goaltenders and 50 odd players mentioned. Sorry.
March 20, 2008 4:23 PM ET | Delete
I agree, that was a tough read. It's a fine perspective and I like the fact that a Ranger fan can have an educated opinion about the Isles but, Christ, that was terribly written. CAPMESS, put a little more effort into the proofreading end of the Blog and you'll be alright.......
March 20, 2008 5:03 PM ET | Delete
You said it DucksFan god ur the best. I love your over usage of periods and total neglect for commas in you blog.heres a few ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Keep up the good work.
March 20, 2008 5:13 PM ET | Delete
Sorry CAP. I retract everything I said. Great Blog. It was an enjoyable read.
March 21, 2008 2:23 PM ET | Delete
No chance anyone would ever take DP's contract. Maybe in 10 or 11 years.You're stuck with him for the next decade Isles.
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