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Rangers ARE 6 AND ,OH.....

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OHHHHHHHHH BABY! Man as good as Joe Micheletti has been , man do I miss that phrase by John Davidson. Last night was an OH night as in the Rangers are now 6 and 0 Vs the Devils this year.
The Rangers stayed patient and played there system and with a beautiful Callahan pass to Drury in the slot ,OHHHH what a goal! There are a lot of un canny similarities to the year of "Oh baby". This was the Rangers cup video released by MSG ,the story of the 1993-94 cup champions. From their preseason sweep of the Leafs in London to the glorious Game winning goal by the Captain,the Rangers would first have to slay the Devil. I don't want to go crazy here and local media is doing a nice job of keeping these stats kind of quiet. It's like mentioning a goalies shut out or killing a no hitter from the press booth. But, the last time the Rangers went 6-0 vs NJ was in 1993-94. The last time they had an undefeated streak like the last couple of weeks was,OH BABY....1993-94. The big difference is that the Devils have no Stevens,they have no Daneko,no Scotty Neieds,nope you won't see Driver either.OH wait they have Rafalski,OH NO he's not there too. For almost 55 min I thought I was watching the Devils from the past the stingy,smothering,masters of the game until Mr Clutch did it again. Oh one last thing,they had the rookie of the year.......The guy on the line with Marshall and Elias......what the Devils ( Hell) was his name again....I wonder where he plays now?
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