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The Rangers Rolled over the other night and let Carolina take the game. The officiating opened the gate for the storm and missed a boarding call on Gomez. Then the reffs called Shanny for a lazy (give me a break call) . Oh well, the Rangers should have used this as motivation and ran with it. Instead the team got small and let the speed of the Canes take over.

It's time for the Rangers to make a move. With Tampa looking for more goaltending depth maybe a deal of Malik and Montoya for Dan Boyle is an idea. I would even expand the deal to bring in former Ranger and Swede Holmqvist. He is a UFA and an upgrade over Valley,and the Swedish bond may work with Lundqvist.
Boyle on the other hand is a Tom Renny favorite and there is speculation that the Rangers will look to sign him in the offseason anyway. Having played for Renny,the coach is well aware of his Quarterback skills. The Rangers PP is still horrible and maybe this could inject some life into it. Roszival continues to be a marked man and the more opposing fowards hit him the more you wonder what we would do without him. That question looms large in the offseason when Rosi could walk. Dealing for Boyle ( if healthy) also gives the Rangers an extended audtion to see if he can work on Broadway.

As, for NC and the RBC Center damn what a place! I've been to Boston, Toronto,even the Rock in NJ and I think this place takes the cake. It's fan friendly layout and cheap 22 ounce beers are great. Anytime a food service poors Heineken from a cold glass bottle sitting on ice,nice. My seat had food service and it was faster than a Rangers turnover. Plus hats off to a fan base that has those magnetic Hurricanes logos on every damn pickup,and flags drapped all over like the Puerto Rican parade. The place was packed and is truly a great hockey fix for all those new Yanks in town.
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February 1, 2008 9:43 AM ET | Delete
out of all the arenas i have been to i hated the rbc center....probably because i was there for the ECF when they played the sabres, but i wasnt really impressed
February 1, 2008 9:45 AM ET | Delete
February 1, 2008 9:45 AM ET | Delete
Other than MSG ,whats the best you've been to?
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