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Looking into the Panthers draft day move that brought in two more young defenseman,they may be gearing up for a deal. With Jay Bouwmeester's status as an RFA the Panthers may be smelling a huge offer sheet or looking into dealing his rights for a new team to hammer out a contract. I was surprised they moved Jokinen for a deal involving two more D-men,but they may be conforming to the new NHL system of building from the Blue line out. Looking at Draft day the Kings are headed in that direction and even St Louis added another stud to the stable. After watching the Wings take home another championship it's not a bad system to have in place especially if your goaltending is in question.

Looking at the Rangers,they too see the importance of adding key defensive players and working from the net forward. With the Rangers possessing one of the top 5 goalies in the NHL ,the net results could only resemble it's NJ rival with a young Broduer anchoring one of the best D-cores a few years ago. Speaking of the Rangers,they are a club that is still in the hunt for a power play QB and rumors are swirling about Redden and Brian Campbell. Redden's game has slipped but he could use a change of scene as the whole Sens clubs took a dip this past year. He still has a great shot and paired with Marc Staal the combo may be able to develop some nice chemistry. With his game slipping,Reddens money demands may be more affordable long term but the ranger still need a winger for Gomez.Campbell on the other hand will be one of the most sort after UFAs this summer. With Chicago and Ottawa at the top of the list , Campbells services could drive up a marginal market that includes Rosizval,Liles,and Streit.Florida has a solid goaltender and now two more solid defenseman to add to their roster,however their depth up front is thin. They will need to add some young forwards as the likes of Dvorak and Zednik don't have any long term stability. The one thing the Rangers do have is a surplus of young forwards who could fill in the blanks . As Florida missed out on it's first round pick this year the Rangers could feature it's first round Michael Del Zotto mixed in with some choice talent and a first round choice next year.All said and done the Rangers would be giving two first round selections and maybe two young forwards for one of the games up and coming stars. That's a very young promising blend of talent in the Rangers zone,that would only need Brooks Orpik to finish it off.

The Rangers are going to have to asses it's young players in the next few weeks at it's development camp. If they see any major strides in play from some of it's larger kids in camp,some of them could see ice time soon . They must also start to think about next year if Anisomov continues to impress and Cherepanov wants to flank the wing. It could be a little house cleaning deal that stabilizes both clubs future for the present and the future. I just can't see Florida dishing out tons of money to Boumeester,when they need more talent up front. Especially after losing Jokinen.
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this is a very intriguing thought, I just don't see the Panthers dealing him to us if the deal did not include Dubinsky.If we could get Bouemeester without giving Brandon or Staal up, then I am all for it.
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Bouwmeester will sign a monster offer sheet.
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I don't see the Panthers trading Bouwmeester. JM has said since the season ended that the team needed more puck moving defencemen. The Panthers wanted to add to a D that gave up the most shots in the league. I think the Panthers are going to match a large offer sheet from somewhere else or they will sign Bouwmeester to a one year deal.
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The Panthers best option is to wait and see. If there's an offer sheet they can decide to match it, thus alleviatiting themselves from the actual negotiating aspect of the deal, or they can take the nice aray of #1 draft picks which will certainly be more than they'll be able to negotiate in a deal with any team merely for his rights
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