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Ok so I know I'm gonna get a lot of heat for this one. But it should get some reaction from the Blue seats. Axel has been back and forth to Broadway more than "Kristen" . His performances have been erratic and sometime they've been brilliant. Yet one thing is for sure # 27 is free again this summer. OK,Ok, so most of you want to shed salary and go after Brian Campbell or (I would )make an offer to Corey Perry. With this years version of the club headed up the ladder and bidding for first,Tom Renny has proved again that he's a players coach. Those of you out there who wanted him on a platter early this season should kick yourselves in the face. Tom has been able to groom and develope the teams kids, and has gained the respect of future Hall of Famers. Tom is a players coach and Jagr flat out said he is the best coach he's ever played for (even Badger Bob?). I'm sure that he could handle Kovalev for one year.

When Alex played here earlier in his career,he had Iron Mike riding his back all the way to the Canyon of heros. He later would clash under Colin Campbell and soon would be a Penguin. His jersey would still walk the garden on the backs of MSG faithful. Then one spring they would be able to put them on again with a purpose,as Alex was back. Dealt for next to nothing, the Rangers took another shot at AK-47. The timing was wrong and the clueless club full of superstars still could not make the playoffs. In due time the "NEW" NY Rangers would realize they needed to rebuild and add a system based on character,moving him to Montreal. Three years in, Renny and management have made being a Ranger count again. Stars don't come in to collect a paycheck at the MSG country club,they come here for the shot at having their names carved into forever.

Kovalev has been there already as a young troll holding Russian kid.Stepping in from adolescence onto a line with a living legend. Learning to take faceoffs after practice from the one and only. Now he is giving back. In a time when character is the first first step to wearing Blue again ,Kovalev has earned it. The one true vet this team misses is one from mother Russia. Kasper (Lithuanian) left his mark on Tyutin,but the New NHl took its toll on him. With the Habs,he's driven them to the top of leagues PP for 3 years now. Even with out Sourray they continue to excel at the man advantage. Speaking of lacking ,that is still one thing the Rangers need. Next season is going to be interesting with two possible new faces in the lineup. Cherepanov could be ready to go to work and add himself to the young stable of studs taking over our favorite game. His linemate from the world juniors may join him as Anisimov brings his large frame a subway ride from Brighton Beach. The future of the Rangers continues to build with grit and character,and now with skill too. Kovalev has been an on ice mentor for a young highly skilled Habs team,why not do it here. Playing with some young countrymen may maintain his interest and desire. Even at his age he still possess enormous leg strenth, he still battles in the corners and he still can fire the gun. Kovalev was a young Russian player who joined a club on the rise. In Montreal he has gained a sense of pride for the game and the jersey an original six jersey . Cherepanov and Anisimov are joining a Rangers team that is with in reach of destiny once again. Maybe it's Koveys destiny to come back one more time.

Shanny may be gone next year ,underrated Straka may have seen his last days here as well. In Prauge next year maybe our captain will remain the same. Maybe Jagr wants to come back to play with Cherepanov from Omsk. If he leaves it will give the Rangers a big gap to fill in. Hossa is gonna cost alot,and they will have some more young faces ready to challenge for a job. If there is one other option that Alex on a 1 year deal let me know. Cause maybe 3 times is a charm.
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