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The NY papers are breaking news today that Sean Avery contract talks have been called off ! Are you kidding me? Those of you who still think Sean is the most overrated,worthless,blah blah, in the league can line up and watch you favorite team start bidding the summer. If you still don't think he's good, look at the Rangers record with or without Avery. The deadline move last year that sent him from LA to NY,catapulted the Rangers into the playoffs. Sure Lundqvist stepped up his game,but Avery was the one who got in the Brodeurs face. Avery stepped all over his hometown team in a big spring game against the Leafs. Jesus I'm done explaining. Just look at the work he has put in this season,solidifying a Rangers first line unit. We're talking about a player who is well like in the locker room,and fits the mold of what a Ranger should be.

Fitting the Ranger mold has been blurred the last few seasons, despite the teams winning record. It wasn't clear what route the team wanted to go in. Maybe they were a European based around offense,or possibly a team this year based on defense. Either way one thing is clear the team wants to be based around hard working two way players. Avery is great at both ends of the ice and no one around the NHL or in the stands can question his grit. Shannahan said a few weeks ago that Ryan Callahan is the "TYPE" of player the Rangers want their team to be. Well they may not be the biggest club ,but the size of their heart is tremendous. The new Rangers mold appears to be headed toward the Bulldog player. A guy that can stand up for himself,score,skate,and finish. Having a Bulldog, I know what their about. They are loyal and a force to be messed with when its time to play. There is no question of # 16's loyalty to his club. A few weeks before the deadline last year the call went out. Sean was interviewed on a Satellite radio program and talked about his desire to play in NY. Disregarding the possibilities of a fine or slap from his current team,Sean said " I'd turn that place upside down." His desire to skate on Broadway and at the Garden began before his first game in NY. It's time for the fans to pay him back. I hope we can start a bring back Avery campaign. The thought of him playing on any other club in the NHL is crazy.Just think of Avery skating in NJ or Philadelphia. After watching the Bruins get jumped last night in DC is there any question that he wouldn't be a fan favorite in Bean Town. Just look at how the B's fell in love with former Ranger P.J. Stock and he's not even half the player Avery is. Worse is that the Rangers would have to face him 6-8 times a year. Imagine Avery skating on the Islanders or in Montreal, a team just on the border of greatness. The Habs went out and tried to get Garth Murray ( former Ranger) and it didn't work. Adding him to that club could put them over the edge.With his love of high fashion and the ladies there is no doubt big city metropolitan clubs will try to land this guy. A line of Kane or Towes with Avery in Chicago hmmmmm. A team with a healthy Tucker and Avery in Toronto,wow. I know he said he didn't want to play their but they love gritty players and money talks.Again that's a lot of hockey against his former club.


Sather reminds me of Brian Cox more and more. Cox always plays a poophead in movies. He's the Army General in X2 who created Wolverine. He's the deadbeat uncle in the Ringer with Jonnie Knoxville too. I hope Sather doesn't pull a deadbeat move and let Avery walk. From a marketing standpoint alone it would be a disaster. The amount of jerseys he sells,the love affair with mainstream media,the heart in the locker room. Sather is the same guy who traded away Adam Graves to the Sharks for who? I remember Graveys first game back as the Sharks bit him right in the ass. We stood an applauded # 9 and took the early train home. Only a year ago or so did Sather realize how much his value meant to the team on and off the ice. Slats is making every effort to pay him back,the latest by retiring his #. You think that Cox,I mean Sather would not want to get burned again and prevent this debacle. I hope anyone that reads this can help be get this "Bring Aves Back" petition off the ground. I really hope that the wise architect Slats stops acting like a C&* ,ummm actor.
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Just a thought, but it may be that some of the Rags acquisitions since last year might not be keen on Avery being a part of the team. It is something that has been mentioned before that team leaders do from time to time and may be taking place on Broadway.
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