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Ok,Ok this is just speculation but the Rangers and the Pens have a deep history of making trades. So no one can respond that the Pens would never move one of the best centers in the game to a division rival. But with hints in the air that Malkin may become expendable if Hossa signs back on in the Steel city,it's got to be explored.Looking back on past trades,the two teams may have appeared to be South American gun runners and not NHl clubs with all the fire power moving east to west. In 98 the Rangers sent Kovalev to PA for Petr Nedved hoping to fill in their center position. In 2003 the Rangers sent a slew of marginal players and Stanley Cup champ Mikael Samuelson to the Pens to take him back. In Aug 1995 the Rangers would make one of their worst deals in history sending Sergei Zubov and Petr Nedved to the Pens for Luc Robitaille and Ulf Samuelsson. The deal has been recently deemed the worst in recent history on Blueshirtbulletin.com.,in a fan poll. Even though both teams failed to reach their Stanley cup goals after making these deals, their sure wasn't a lack of star power and possibilities.

The Rangers are firm on committing to youth and development,while playing around a core of Drury,Gomez,and Lundqvist.I also know they need another legitimate D-Man on the point such as Jay-BOW.But to imagine a line of Malkin with Alexei Cherepanov,and Anisimov (now on the wing) is a really something to ponder. The Penguins like the Rangers,are on the path of greatness. However, it's clear that they have their poster boy already and with Sid in town Malkin holds back a gear. Evgeni had no problem shifting the Ferrari into 4th at Madison Square Garden,and his postseason performance vs. the Rangers had an edge. It's been rumored that Malkin ( who is English shy) is holding Penguins brass under AK-47 pressure,to keep fellow countrymen Sergei Gonchar in black and gold longer term. Would Malkin press hard for a deal to the Rangers knowing that Brooklyn's Brighton Beach is one of the largest Russian communities stateside. It's no fluke that after the Rangers had drafted Cherepanov 17th overall last year in the draft ,that the club was snapping pictures with sexy Russian models in the neighborhood. With NY's ethnic diversity they can play cards that other cities can't and when Sergei Zubov was moved in 95 he missed the city and its proximity to the Brooklyn Moscow. Not only would Malkin have 3 fellow Russians on the club ( assuming Tyutin is not part of the deal),but his agent must drool over the idea of seeing his clients image,jersey,and product all over Manhattan buildings.

I'll let most of you guys figure out possible trade scenarios but,here's some options.Te Rangers could let the Pens pick from any one of several young forwards but Petr Prucha looks to be the most attractive. He could play on the wing with Sid and Hossa and his 30 goal potential is back again. He is also making just over a million dollars so his salary and wing position allows them to fit him in easily.The Pens may want to add a little grit and scoring on the wing as well so Ryan Callahan and his $575,000 salary ease the potential loss of veterans Ruutu or Malone.The Rangers would also have to provide at least 2 first round picks in this and the next draft. With the Draft as deep as it is this year,the Rangers could use its depth as leverage. The Penguins don't have a first rounder this year because of the Hossa deal with Atlanta,and we all know how the Pens keep their hands near the cookie jar. For the Rangers,they need depth at the defensive position and they will be able to find an adequate blue liner in the second round. As most of the Ranger vets near the end of the road,it's becoming more apparent that they are going to need skilled forwards too. Malkin is a beast on the boards and after taking out Mara's legs ( Bad move),he does play with some snarl. I wonder if a Devil takes a run at Cherepanov,if we wouldn't see him take out a few more legs. Speaking Of Cherepanov,it may make bringing him over next year that much easier. With all the issues with the new Russian League the Rangers could use one more card up their sleeve too. Rangers fans may not have to see many growing pains with Cherepanovs game,as Malkin helped Ryan Malone bring his play to new levels. Adding another 6'3" Anisimov to the opposite wing also opens up room for the Russian sniper,and allows him to cash in on Malkins rebounds. Speaking of rebounds the Rangers have been looking for a PP point man for the last few years and after watching Malkins heavy bomb from the point,is there a better shot out there. They already have explored idea using Straka,Cullen,and even brining in Brian Rolston to man the point.But none of those players are the T-72 tank that Malkin is.Moving back to the deal,the Penguins could have Dan Gerardi, ( although it will burn) to fill in the losses of Brooks Orpik and Mark Eaton.So now that's Gerardi,Callahan,Prucha and two first round picks to get started. Staal is off limits so is Sanguinetti,so take it easy Shero with the demands. He will get offers from the Kings and just about every other NHL team ,but needs to take certain things into account. First,Ranger prospects and players are draft with the size of their heart first. It is no shock that most of our young core is playing with the big club because they worked for it. Much of the Rangers team success is attributed to their accelerated development and their desire to win. Shero Will have to gamble on other NHL prospects and the possibility of throwing a wrench into the Penguins recent success and Therriens defensive system. Rangers young forwards aren't shy of back checking and adding 8 possible matches and amped up adrenaline never hurts. Last Shero has to consider that the NHL is no longer the only main option,especially for European superstars. Russian League loopholes are allowing NHL players to jump ship and sign contracts despite NHL commitments. If Malkin starts throwing around threats,it's possible that he could sway a deal to NY over LA.
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June 17, 2008 12:24 PM ET | Delete
Same Division ??? You really think Pittsburgh GM is stupid as this point !!!
June 17, 2008 12:25 PM ET | Delete
Nice Blog.
June 17, 2008 12:27 PM ET | Delete
I don't think Malkin is being traded, and if he were it will certainly not be within the division. That trade history is with Craig Patrick, not Ray Shero. Also, I don't think that package is anything near worth Malkin. I think that trade starts with Dubinsky, Staal, and 2 firsts. I know you said no Staal, but I can't see management holding him back for a best in teh world type player. Anyway he's not being traded.But then again the Rangers are the former Penguins..... ;)
June 17, 2008 12:40 PM ET | Delete
"Gerardi,Callahan,Prucha and two first round picks to get started."Not interested in any of those players. This ain't 2001 and the Pens aren't trying to dump salary and pick up scrubs. Prucha is a total non-impact player and a continual disappointment in NY. Nice that Callahan has a big heart but those 3rd line guys are a dime a dozen. No interest in your D-man either. There's no one that really interests me on the Rangers, even Marc Staal to be honest.Anyway, no way that Shero deals one of the best players in the league to a division rival. That's ludicrous. The only reason the other trades were made was to dump salary and they certainly didn't involve a player of Malkin's caliber.
June 17, 2008 12:42 PM ET | Delete
Same Division Deals happen ,if it makes sense. Like I said JF the Rangers and Pens have had several deals in the past Patrick or not. If Dubinsky is where the deal starts so be it....
June 17, 2008 12:52 PM ET | Delete
You're dreaming! Those players are expendable and the Pens wouldn't want them. They would need to part ways with one of their big name players to even have a hope of landing Malkin.
June 17, 2008 12:55 PM ET | Delete
Ahhh Geno, Geno...Girardi is a great two -way D-man and can fit into any second line pairing. Prucha has been set back only because his ice time has been cut by Shannahan and was shifted off the PP. you have to realize that Picks this year are not ordinary picks,but players who are projected to have NHL impact at an accelerated rate. Not bad if the Rangers made the 2 round two years running with a bunch of third liners.
June 17, 2008 1:02 PM ET | Delete
I think the deal would have to be something much bigger like gomez and staal for malkin and rights to talk to orpik. Also, why would NYR want three #1 centers?
June 17, 2008 1:11 PM ET | Delete
Yea but getting Gomez's contract back puts the Pens right back where they started
June 17, 2008 1:13 PM ET | Delete
I could see that T- Scout ,3 centers becuase it is speculation that Drury would shift to the wing at the top two line any way this year. They had Dubinksy on the top line and they need to get Drew more ice time up front.Plus having Malkin may keep him happy and allow Cherepanovs move to the States
June 17, 2008 2:04 PM ET | Delete
That may be true but none interest me at the expense of Malkin. I'm not talking about those players if a team signed them as free agents to fill empty spots. I'm looking at them as their value as tradeable parts for Malkin and they don't equal Malkin, not by any stretch of the imagination except yours apparently.
June 17, 2008 2:24 PM ET | Delete
You're not getting a Malkin without a Cherepanov, Sanguinetti, Staal or Dubinsky somewhere in that deal, unfortunately. No thanks!
June 17, 2008 2:39 PM ET | Delete
any deal with the Rangers for Malkin starts with Staal
June 17, 2008 3:02 PM ET | Delete
Edog37, then it'd have to end right there ;) Marc Staal was scary good this year. I hope we never let him go.
June 17, 2008 4:21 PM ET | Delete
How in the world would the Rangers be able to sign him and stay under the cap?
June 17, 2008 4:48 PM ET | Delete
Staal is a nice player, but come on -- you give him up if you can get a Malkin (not that I think Pittsburgh will unload Malkin, especially not to the Rangers).
June 17, 2008 4:59 PM ET | Delete
No way if Malkin gets traded, which I don't beleive he will, he gets traded within the division. They'll look to move him to the West first, if that fails, to a team in either the Northeast or Southeast Divisions.
June 17, 2008 9:59 PM ET | Delete
Why don't we just throw in Betts and Sjostrom and see if they'll give us Crosby. I hear theyre looking for experience...
June 17, 2008 10:03 PM ET | Delete
You are waaaay over valuing players on your team. By your standards the Isles can send two first round picks, Trent Hunter, Chris Campoli, and Jeff Tambellini for Malkin. If your trading for a young STAR, maybe a top 3 player in the world, unproven players and 3rd liners aren't going to get a deal done.
June 18, 2008 12:05 AM ET | Delete
Seriously, I dont see this happening at all, with the players you offered, some of the guys we really need to get rid of, we're just throwing in?I think like they said, deal starts with Dubinsky and Staal, but you didn't mention them, and what are we gonna do if we trade teh guys you suggested?Dubinsky, Malkin, Gomez, Drury, Betts?Wayyy to many centers, and I dont wanna see Drury ont he wing, he's one of the best faceoff guys in the game
June 18, 2008 12:24 AM ET | Delete
Prucha and Callahan and a couple picks? Not a snow balls chance in...And despite a few trades in past seasons, there is no way they're going to move Malkin to a divisional rival and risk him becoming even better than Sid.
June 18, 2008 12:30 AM ET | Delete
Just for pure sake of discussion, I dont believe the Pens and Flyers would ever deal, but just curious what PENS fans think of this theoretical offer...what about James Van Riemsdyk (1st round #2 overall pick last season), RJ Umberger, and Joffrey Lupul, and our 1st rounder this season for Malkin?
June 18, 2008 9:39 AM ET | Delete
I would never trade Malkin. Having two number one centers is a luxury that teams would do anything to have. Just ask Colorado.
June 18, 2008 9:50 AM ET | Delete
Ummmm, to get Malkin(which is never going to happen during the next contract) you would need solid proven young talent - which other than Marc Staal - the Rangers just don't have it. At least the offseason brings up many senarios for deals, which is always great for fan interest. I think that the league may have to wait till next year, because if Hossa signs then it may signal a possible exit for Jordan Staal.
June 18, 2008 3:28 PM ET | Delete
The Rangers have as much of a chance at Malkin as they do at Wayne Gretzky.Malkin for Staal? What flavor kool-aid is that? A hot prospect is a long ways away from a Hart Trophy finalist. The Penguins would not accept Malkin for anything until Evgeni asks to be moved which hasn't happened and is unlikely to happen.
June 18, 2008 4:19 PM ET | Delete
when the Rangers and Penguins made the Zubov deal, they were not in the same divisionthe Kovalev deal was strictly a money trade, times have changed since thenthere is no way the Penguins will be dealing Malkin to us
June 18, 2008 4:32 PM ET | Delete
I dont want malkin on the rangers.
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