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The preseason has already started, and we are two weeks away from the Sabres regular season opener.

If you’re a Sabres fan, or just an NHL fan, you probably find yourself predicting the outcomes of games before they start. Well, now you have the chance to submit your predictions and win prizes based on how well you do.

Sabreshockeycentral.com has introduced a Buffalo Sabres prediction challenge that will test the knowledge of many fans.

All you have to do is predict the winner and score of each Sabres game this season.You will earn points based on how well you do. You will also be competing against other participants.

If you finish near the top, you will win Sabres tickets, jerseys, gift cards, cash, and other prizes.

The cost is only $5.00 for the entire season! That's not even 7 cents per game. Come on, cough it up and register for the contest.

You can even sign up for text message and/or email alerts in case you forget to submit a prediction for an upcoming game.

If you are interested in signing up or more details, follow the link below:


If you have any comments or questions, let me know. We already have more than 60 people registered. The more people that play, the more prizes that will be given away.

We encourage you to sign up today. That will help us determine the official prizes much quicker. All NHL fans are welcome!
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