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Road Warriors No More

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Are the Sabres even good anymore? I forgot what it has been like to see them as a winning team. They have dropped 16 out of the last 20 games and are close to losing the division lead.

To be in the division lead, they had to be good at some point, right? To lose 16 of 20 and still be in the lead means that they must have done extremely well in the first half of the season. Now that the team continues to struggle, there is no confidence at all, especially since the playoffs are almost here.

The slump began during the road trip to the West Coast. From there, the Sabres had trouble winning and the same problem when they came back. They won a couple of games here and there, but not much else. Now they are in the mix of another road trip, and are having troubles again.

To begin the season, the Sabres won 13 out of the first 18 games on the road. Since then, they have won two out of 13. Buffalo is 21-9-6 at home, so there is no problem there. The away games are what the concern should be for Sabres fans.

Buffalo should be able to hold onto the division lead, despite its recent slump. The Sabres have a couple game in hand on both Montreal and Ottawa. The Sabres have some real big tests ahead of them though.

The first challenge the Sabres have is to resolve their recent road woes. Buffalo finishes the season with five out of six on the road, two of which are against the Senators and the Canadiens. The other challenge is that the Sabres play those two teams next week. The good news is that the Sabres are home, but if they don’t win, then they are welcoming Ottawa and Montreal right into the division lead.

The next three games for the Sabres are against teams in the bottom five of the Eastern Conference. If Buffalo doesn’t win one or two of them, the worries for Sabres fans are going to increase even more.

Here are a couple of quick notes for you: the Sabres are 8-1-2 when they wear their third jerseys. When I attend a Sabres game this season, they are 13-1-2.

Kevin "Hank Tallinder" Freiheit
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