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With the Western Conference Semi-Finals now in the books, the NHL’s final four is set in stone. And while the remaining 26 franchises who weren’t as fortunate as their counterparts witness the conclusion of the postseason from the tee box, their respective fans are left with nothing to look forward to — aside from viewing what is likely to be some great hockey – other than what looks to be an eventful summer.

Since Terry Pegula purchased the Buffalo Sabres back on February 22, Buffalo hockey fans have been in an uproar over the anticipation of the first offseason under the new regime. With Pegula’s seemingly bottomless pockets comes endless possibilities and wishful thinking for Sabres fans everywhere while everyone has their opinion on which direction the franchise should go this summer.

Is this the year the Sabres finally reel in the big fish in the free-agent pond to lace up his skates in Hockey Heaven? Will Darcy Regier pull off a blockbuster deal that shakes up the entire NHL? Only time will tell. I’m simply here to lay out multiple options for you Sabres fans to ponder over the next few weeks as well as impose my personal opinion on the matter.

I will be giving you a preview into the Sabres’ offseason. Here you will get my take on which free-agent players — both restricted and unrestricted — I feel the franchise would be best suited to either lock up, or banish from the Blue and Gold for all eternity (or at least the remainder of their hockey careers).

Before we begin, let me reiterate a few key points to be sureeveryone is clear on free agency and how it works. After the 2011 Entry Draft is complete, each franchise has a certain window to negotiate contracts with their potential free-agents.

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nice read .great job Kevin
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