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Hockey season came to a halt sooner than most Sabres fans probably would have liked this year. While the NHL Playoffs rage on, the Buffalo Sabres are anticipating one of the most eventful off-seasons in recent memory as new owner Terry Pegula brings his winning attitude and deep pockets to the table.

And so I thought: while we're stuck watching the remainder of the tournament as the Sabres sit idle (assuming most of you are over the first-round disappointment to the whiners, uh.. I mean, Flyers, after witnessing their brutal demise in round two -- which almost certainly eased the pain), Buffalo hockey fans could use a little something to preview what is likely to come this summer.

Me being the nice guy that I am, decided I'd put together just that. Over the next week or so, I will discuss the many decisions the Sabres could -- and likely will -- consider this summer, beginning with the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.

The Sabres currently hold the 16th overall selection in the first-round. This means the Blue and Gold will be in an interesting spot come draft day on June 25th. This year's group of prospects -- although seemingly talented up front -- is widely considered to be a "weak" class depth wise and is incredibly top-heavy.

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