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Lack of Respect

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After their performance against Florida last week, I thought about writing an angry article, ripping the team and explaining how they are going nowhere. But then I reconsidered the fact that they came back from three goals down.

That was the biggest thing I took out of that game. It wasn’t the fact that there was no call on the Myers trip or that Buffalo couldn’t manage to tie the game up again. It wasn’t even that Miller couldn’t come up with “the big save”. They overcame a three goal deficit, which is what I took out of it.

A couple days later, I became aware of how bad this team really is. With the announcement of Derek Roy likely out for the season, it came as a no-brainer that this season is over. Roy was easily the Sabres most consistent player this season.

He had 35 points in as many games (10 goals, 25 assists). If the Sabres were struggling with Roy in the lineup, what are they going to look like without him? Here are some things to ponder about as we prepare for a Sabres team without Roy.

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