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Lovers or Fighters

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This coming summer is going to be a big one for the Buffalo Sabres. With many fans expecting big changes due to the ownership change and a year that fell short of expectations it will be interesting to see what Darcy Regier has up his sleeve.

With a bigger bankroll and a somewhat improved team image, the idea would be to draw some bigger name free agents. Fans are also clammering to see Regier swing some big trades to improve the team. Whether or not that is something Regier is interested in doing remains to be seen.

Many fans, myself included, have wish lists of players that they want to see in blue and gold. Everyone has an opinion of what their team should be doing in the offseason and what type of team should be built. While most areas remain constant; scoring, defensive ability, skating, leadership; there are some areas that many fans overlook.

Team toughness is an issue that has plagued the Sabres for years and may continue to do so in the future. Toughness is an area that I find essential for people to consider when discussing what moves to make this offseason.

While many people have a distaste for fighting in the game of hockey, the truth remains that it exists and it will continue to be an important part of the game. Toughness also applies to hitting ability and overall grit on the team.

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