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Darcy's Final Season?

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Two weeks of free agency now completed! Buffalo has done little to improve their chances of making the playoffs this year. General Manager Darcy Regier has made two moves since the free agency period has started. While all the other teams are making numerous moves and acquiring all of these big name players, Buffalo continues to do nothing. It is imperative that Darcy steps up and does something that will significantly help this Buffalo Sabres team, or he may be out of there even before the trade deadline arrives.

Steve Montador was a great pickup for the team, but we lost Jaroslav Spacek, which makes us almost identical as last year. Buffalo also picked up Joe DiPienta to add some depth. He will most likely play in Portland this season. Other than that there have not been any other changes to the team. If you don't remember, Buffalo missed the playoffs by two points last year. The team we have right now is not a legit Stanley Cup team. Sure, we could squeak into that final eighth spot and hope for the best. But, there is no way the Sabres would be able to compete against a team like Detroit in a seven game series.

Here is a look at what Montreal has done so far:

-Signed Jaroslav Spacek, Scott Gomez, Hal Gill, Mike Cammalleri, Brian Gionta, and Mathieu Darche

Doesn't that make you wonder..."Why hasn't Darcy done anything else yet?!?!" There are still many players out there to sign, and the Sabres have plenty of cap space available. This could very well be Darcy's final year. If he wants to save his job, he better do something very soon. If the Sabres go another season without making the playoffs, then that will be then end for Mr. Regier.

This Buffalo team has plenty of talent, and has the potential to become a really great team in the upcoming years. Miller, Pominville, Roy, and Vanek are all signed for long term contracts. Buffalo has the longest tenured head coach in the NHL. The only thing the team needs now is somebody to motivate this team. Lindy Ruff should'nt have to give a speech before every game. Ever since we lost Drury, Briere, and Campbell, there hasnt been enough leadership to build off of. A lot of the players are very young, and I believe the team needs a veteran leader to get this team going again.

Kevin Razzle Dazzle Freiheit
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July 16, 2009 6:13 PM ET | Delete
A Trade for a leader like Doan or Marleau would be what this team needs. For defense Cory Murphy would be nice if we can get rid of Hank. But other then that, the only forwards I would like to sign right now would be Rob Nied or Moore.
July 16, 2009 6:18 PM ET | Delete
Doan would be an excellent trade. His cap hit is very manageable (4.5M/Year), he's a strong two way player and is a true leader. Darcy publicly stated before free agency not to expect anything crazy: so far, he's stood firm on that stance. However, he better have some sort of trade(s) lined up that will add some size, skill and other intangibles (i.e. leadership) to the team. If he does not, the Sabres may miss the playoffs and he'll be out of a job.
July 16, 2009 6:41 PM ET | Delete
I can't see the Sabres firing anyone these days, everyone is too close with each other and no one has the balls to make a move.
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