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Miller Quiets His Critics

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HSBC Arena erupted Wednesday night as 18,690 fans rose out of their seats in complete unison, awestruck by Ryan Miller’s phenomenal performance.

Chants of “Ry-an Mil-ler, Ry-an Mil-ler” rang out amongst the electric crowd who had once again witnessed brilliance as their franchise goalie stood on his head right before their very eyes.

The sound that roared through the arena did not, however, have the same aura of a typical chant. Rather it was one that in fact sounded like the series’ proverbial tide had just shifted with one mans’ flick of his glove.

Ryan Miller stood face-to-face with one of the NHL’s most deadly snipers after former Sabre turned enemy, Daniel Briere saw a juicy Paul Gaustad turnover land right onto the blade of his stick. With no one remotely close, Briere stood directly in front of Miller and attempted to lure the Sabres’ goalie out of position. Miller didn’t flinch as the talented forward picked his spot and let his signature wrist-shot ring towards the net. Only this time, Miller reached out his glove and speared the shot taken by his former friend and teammate.

Miller again was perfect in a game with heavy implications, as the former Vezina winner made 32 saves, carrying his team and the Sabres rode the momentum produced by their goalie to a 1-0 victory, knotting the best-of-seven series up at two games apiece heading into Philadelphia for Friday’s Game 5.

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