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It is safe to say that the Sabres have recovered from a poor start to the season. Sabres Hockey Central took a look back at what the viewpoints were during the first half of the season.

In an article earlier this season, Sabres Hockey Central stated the following:

Last year, Montreal finished in eighth with 88 points. If that holds true this season, the Sabres would need 47 points through the final 41 games. To reach that mark the Sabres would have to win 24 out of 41 games, or post a record of 22-16-3 to make that final playoff spot.

So far, in the second half of the season, the Sabres have posted a record of 19-10-4, earning 42 points. However, it looks like it may take more than 88 points to clinch the final spot in the Eastern Conference.

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