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The Power of Pegula

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Nine games into the Terry Pegula era and the Buffalo Sabresboast a 6-1-2 record under new ownership. Coincidence? I think not.

Ever since Pegula officially took over the ownership of the Sabres, they have been a different team. If you remember correctly, one of Pegula’s first quotes as the owner was, “Winning is not a goal. It is a belief.”

The Buffalo Sabres have taken that belief and seemingly ran with it. The Sabres have collected 14 points in their last nine games. This impressive run has taken the Sabres from ninth place in the Eastern Conference to seventh place with the playoffs rapidly approaching.

“We are a better team right now because Terry Pegula is our owner now. We have a lot to thank Tom Golisano, Larry Quinn and Dan DiPofi for keeping the team in Buffalo and selling it to a guy who will keep it in Buffalo. There is a renewed energy with the team,” said Sabres defenseman Steve Montador.

Now to look at the other side of the argument, it is time to focus on who has been the most effective players in the “Pegula Era.”

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