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Bringing Hexy Back • 42 Years Old • Male
In the "Hockey Hearsay" section of sportsnet.ca Carol Alt attempted to defend her boy toy, Alexei Yashin, calling the bought out former Isles captain "misunderstood"

"I think he needs to go where people understood him and where he's looked at like a god," Alt told the Ottawa Citizen. "He wants to come back (to the NHL), but I just think he needs to clear his head."

"He loved Ottawa and he wanted to stay there, and he asked for an (contract) extension and sat out a season. This is a guy who gave up $3.6 million to get what he wanted, which was an extension contract in Ottawa. Then they write about in the papers how greedy he is. Can you imagine how misunderstood this whole thing was?"

I want to live in the same world where Carol lives, where Yashin is a god and sitting out while under a legally binding contract shows the desire to sign a contract extension.

Beauty, as Carol proves, may be only skin deep. But Stupid runs a mile wide.
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March 9, 2022 7:44 PM ET | Delete
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