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I usually do the random thougts blogs, but today I had a bug up my bum about something else-how lucky we hockey fans are that our sport is played at it's highest levels by men who are good guys, as well as great athletes.

For every NHLer that has off-ice issues-Rick Tocchet, John Kordic, Theo Fleury, Bob Probert-there's probably a hundred or so that are excellent role models for our kids. Even when a NHLer has off-ice problems, they tend to pale in comparison to stars in other pro sports.

Kordic's substance issues are well known and documented, but even though his demons ended his career and life, one could reel off five or six names of baseball stars that ruined their careers or lost their lives over drugs-Kan Caminitti, Steve Howe, Rod Beck all died with drugs around their homes and Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry failed to reach their massive potentials due to their drug usage.

In football, we have a guy like Michael Vick. But there have been others accused of animal cruelty, such as former Eagles RB Thomas Hamner, not to mention the several guys who have responded to the Vick situation as if he failed to pay a parking summons. That tells me there's a culture of these dogfighting kennels and hopefully part of Vick's plea deal involves him testifying against other thugs that do the same heinous things he did.

Even in the NBA, guys like Stephon Marbury defended Vick. Let's not ignore guys like Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. When's the last time a NHLer got accused of rape and settled a civil case over the incident?

The thing that got me started on this was Phillies closer Brett Myers verbal assault on a reporter who had the temerity to ask the bloward about two home runs he allowed while blowing a game last week. Myers called the reporter "retarded" and had to be restrained.

Myers was involved in an incident last year where several witnesses said he struck his wife, Kim, on a Boston street corner. Guess the month of intense therapy Myers had needs a refresher course.

So, let's take a moment and be happy that our heroes of the ice are, by and large, a good bunch of guys.

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August 30, 2007 7:42 AM ET | Delete
Jsaq, you're right. We are blessed to have the best behaved sports players in the sporting world. There are very few ridiculous incidents of hockey players occuring off ice as compared to these other major sports. In fact, when two combatants square off on the ice and seemingly attempt to pummel each other into the ground, more times than not they acknowledge each other after and head to the penalty box. Sometimes they will even go out for a cold one or two after the game with each other. Amazing!! Must be the culture that exists, and the respect for one another. Our players will accept responsibility when in the wrong, when players from other sports can't understand that they've done something wrong. Go figure! Thanx for another excellent post.
August 30, 2007 8:15 AM ET | Delete
JS - You could not be more right. Kind of makes the Staal brothers look like a bunch of choirboys in comparison. There are a few bad apples everywhere but, for the most part, the young men that come up to the NHL understand the discipline, self-sacrifice and team work ethic that it takes to be successful. Those are the ones we should focus on...but then good news doesn't sell newspapers. Nice work JS. SYF
August 30, 2007 10:51 AM ET | Delete
In this wretched, mostly self deprecating society, class acts are so often ignored because they don't sell papers. The media in this day and age is all about sensationalism… I'm glad hockey for the most part doesn't give them the satisfaction.
August 30, 2007 11:40 AM ET | Delete
message won't post ????
August 30, 2007 11:42 AM ET | Delete
Interesting read as always, JS. Good post. Pertinent comments from SYF and Blfr1 too, and Dr Teeth is 1000% correct as far as I'm concerned.
August 30, 2007 1:49 PM ET | Delete
Hockey players are the best!! Hextall was a classic, would sign everything that came his way. I also remember an opposing goalie giving a Flyer fan his stick after being called as one of the games 3 stars. I can't remember who it was though.good blog Jsaq!
August 30, 2007 3:01 PM ET | Delete
I actually mentioned this in my last blog too. Hockey has by far the best "citizens" as athletes. The best part is that it's not just the NHL either.Our local ECHL team, the players are always available for autographs and the guys that aren't dressing for the game are usually walking around saying hi to the fans. Gotta love hockey players, just good old fashioned regular guys!
August 30, 2007 6:12 PM ET | Delete
great blog js could always read your blog over and over
August 30, 2007 7:30 PM ET | Delete
You're absolutely right, Jsaq. I'm constantly amazed not only at how available hockey players are for autographs, etc., but also how much they contribute to the community. Several of the Sens, for example, spend hours at the children's hospital, just playing games with the kids! And, of course, they do a lot of fundraising for worthy causes.
August 31, 2007 5:45 AM ET | Delete
Appreciate your commentary, as usual...used to read your posts on the philly.com boards before I decided not to bother reading message boards any longer....uh...anyway, I think about this issue on and off, and I'm just not sure what to think. I think basketball has it worst; football has a lot of good guys (and a lot of bad). But hockey has its share of buttheads, too; and they may not be Michael Vick or that Pacman guy, but they don't seem any better than Myers - significant since that is what set you off. Think of the Staals, Mark Bell, Thornton has had his troubles....even think of Pelle Lindbergh driving drunk (still makes me cringe). I wonder if some of the bad stuff gets overlooked because hockey has faded from public consciousness. That being said, hockey has more than its "fair" share of good guys - Selanne and Travis Moen from the Ducks were two of the nicest people I've ever met, for example. And I mean nicest - not some exaggeration b/c I was meeting someone famous. Just flat out good people.
September 2, 2007 1:39 AM ET | Delete
The Staals got arrested for a loud party. That is hardly something that I'd compare to Myers popping his wife on a street corner. Bell, I will grant you. Hell you could have mentioned Craig MacTavish. I see guys like Bell and MacTavish as guys that are either a bad apple or two in the bunch or guys that made a mistake on the road of life. Had Myers not had the run in with the wife last year, I'd have dismissed his as a trivial bit of anger after a bad performance.
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