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Bringing Hexy Back • 42 Years Old • Male
-The MLSE Board is meeting in the wake of a 5-2 loss by the Leafs, with the agenda looking like change. General Manager John Ferguson jr and Head Coach Paul Maurice may both be dumped. It's staggering to see the Leafs playing so poorly.

I have to agree with the multitude of Leaf fans that have started calling for the napalm and dynamite. The Leafs have ability and can play like a team, but too often they revert to their past form-making mistakes, not converting chances and getting horrid play from their goaltenders.

If I were MLSE, I would rebuild and the first move would be to make the best possible trade for Mats Sundin. He has been the team's best player, and trading him away might shock the other guys who have been underachieving into playing better and thus be more attractive as trade fodder.

I'd have only a few untouchables-Pogge, Wellwood, Tlusty and maybe Steen. Anyone else, I'd listen to offers.

-Congrats to the Capitals for locking up Alexander Ovechkin to the 13 year deal. It sends the right message to fans of the team, and honestly, while it's no bargain, it's not like they handed the money to a chronic headcase like Jaromir Jagr.

-Eklund should get credit for the Ovechkin deal. His rumor about AO being traded got Ted Leonsis fired up enough to offer the kid such a long deal that he'd never have to see that rumor again.

-Before converting against Chris Osgood, Marian Gaborik was 0 for 8 in the skills competition.

-Speaking of coaches in trouble, how much longer do you think that John Tortorella and Marc Crawford have left?

-Peter Forsberg breathed today. For more updates, stay tuned.

-The Blackhawks have fallen to earth of late, with seven straight losses. At lot of that probably has to do with injuries, but it also doesn't help that the 'Hawks ice such a young squad. Here's hoping they can pull themselves together and get back on track in short order.

-There's a brewing controversy in Philly. The debate is, should the Flyers be playing Randy Jones or Lasse Kukkonen as their sixth defenseman.

and you thought I was going to talk goaltending....
January 11, 2008 10:32 PM ET | Delete
Jones needs to tune up a little on the Phantoms and Kukkonen needs to climb out of the doghouse with some solid minutes. Toronto is a mess. Trading Sundin is an answer, but a change in mindset must also accompany any changes in personnel.Foppa breathed? Was it an inhale or exhale? Smart money is on the exhale.AO is counting his greenbacks and smiling at the conversion rate to rubles. You could not be more right about Ek cementing the deal for AO - I hope Alex gives Ek his percentage.Great work, as usual. Keep your pimp hand strong. SYF
January 11, 2008 11:16 PM ET | Delete
It was an inhale, actually. He also put on his left Croc first today and scratched his nuts.
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