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Random Thoughts

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First of all, Happy New Year to everyone whom I haven't "seen" yet. I have been kicking around a lot and haven't had much time to hit the Buzz of late.

Now that that little tidbit is out of the way, here's the thoughts:

-It's great that the Winter Classic got a stellar TV rating. I am sure that it was Bettman's wet dream-a huge full stadium, interesting weather, and a shootout won by Sidney Crosby.

However, all of that will mean nothing if the ratings don't improve from last year for non spectacle games. The game itself, let's face it, was not exactly stellar. People tuned in to see the novelty. Hopefully the games under a roof that are of higher quality will benefit from the Classic.

-Colin Campbell....I almost feel bad for the poor guy. I admit he has a difficult job, but ignoring obvious head shots, while bemoaning others only makes him look like an idiot.

-One thing the holiday season brought me is a great reminder of why I do not watch football. I'd rather watch Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin do play by play for a game between the two worst teams in the East Windsor beer league than see the top NFL or NCAA guys do a crucial late season or bowl game.

-I have had a few ideas to improve the game and make certain items better. These are not all new or original, and if you have read me advocating them before, sorry.

Standings system-2 points for a regulation or OT win
1 point for a shootout win
No points for a loss of any kind.

Nobody should be rewarded for a loss, and a gimmick should not provide the same standings result as a win.

Instigator-get rid of it, or tweak it. I'd tweak it thusly: If a clown like Steve Downie or Darcy Tucker runs a guy, and a fight is the result, hit THEM with the instigator. Very rarely in hockey is the guy throwing the first punch the guy that actually instigated the ruckus.

Have the linesmen simply drop the freaking puck. There is NOTHING more annoying than a guy with no power wielding the little authority he has and still getting it wrong half the time. I didn't pay $85 to see some clown that can't play drop a hunk of vulcanized rubber.

During a shootout, have the shooters take off their helmets. Give these guys more face time-as much as possible. If fans can recognize the players' faces, they might become more interested in following that guy.

Go back to one damned referee. Even if it means some things get missed, at least it will provide a consistently officiated game.

Eliminate all hard shelled protective gear for use above a player's waist...except for his helmet of course.

More stringent regulations on the size of goalies equipment, especially shoulder pads. If that poses a safety issue, then increase the size of the nets. I have long been against making nets bigger, but back in the day, goalies were 5'8" or so...now a guy that small is a back-up. The simple fact is, guys are just larger on average in this day and age.

Give me a job where I just get to go and watch games and get paid an obscenely large salary.

Find a way to have ESPN and Versus broadcasting games in the United States.

-Why the Hell did Roger Clemens make me sit through a 17 minute tape of a phone conversation that did nothing to make me believe his guilt or innocence?

-Bring back Showdown....I loved Showdown when I was a kid.

-God, I really hate football.

Anyhow, happy new years and good hockey to everyone.
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January 8, 2008 8:09 AM ET | Delete
can we add 2 more things to the list?1 - if you take a penalty in OT that does not expire during the OT, you may not participate in the shootout. 2 - some kind of standardized system for judging hits that warrant a suspension.
January 8, 2008 8:48 AM ET | Delete
Where do I sign up for the East Windsor beer league?
January 8, 2008 9:57 AM ET | Delete
Lyrics-I detest the shootout. I don't care who participates in the stupid farce. I wholeheartedly agree with a standardized system of justice. My problem is, when things like Downie happen, it obscures other things, like the Kubina hit on Coburn. Both were wrong and both need to be punished.
January 8, 2008 10:19 AM ET | Delete
oh i know you hate the shootouts. ive been reading your posts since becoming a member. although i understand the nhl's want to make things more exciting and last year i was there to see it when the flyers opened the season against the rangers that went something like 25 skaters before it was broken. that was tense as hell and really exciting, even in a loss. however it takes away from the purity of the sport by having it in there. id love to go back to overtimes that need to result in a winner. i mean i know no one can forget the game against pitt that went 5 OTs. as for your assessment on the Downie situation, I agree. Although my major problem is that they always penalize based on the result instead of the action. If coburn lays there instead of hopping up Kubina would most likely get called. It is almost teaching players to fake injuries, go down easy, etc. they need to penalize for the intent too. hence the need for a more standardized system. timmy p did a good job of mentioning it in his last article
January 8, 2008 10:39 AM ET | Delete
Loved the 2.6 US ratings for the outdoor game - it's a good sign, GB wet dream or not. Let's build on that. Moving on to regulation ties, I'd prefer a normal five minute SD 4-on-4 OT followed by five minute SD 3-on-3's until someone scores. (Or just one 3-on-3 after regular 4-on-4, and if no one scores, the game ends in a tie.) No shootouts. Good blog.
January 8, 2008 1:41 PM ET | Delete
Great ideas. I'm all for no instigator, more respect on the ice and more exciting games when respect is lost on the ice. What was wrong with a tie in the first place? Either go sudden death for ever like in the playoffs or eventually end it a tie. On of the greatest team games on earth should not end in an individual skill competition. I do believe the rules comittee will look at pts awarded now that the league has reached such parity.
January 9, 2008 4:26 AM ET | Delete
January 9, 2008 4:45 AM ET | Delete
Yes, the goalies resemble the michelin man. Pads go to the waist and gloves the size of garbage can lids. Ties are no longer acceptable. The game is too physical for players to extend overtime till a goal is scored in regular season. All teams play the same rule. The shootout is fine. I would like to see the return of home whites. I miss the NYR home whites at MSG. Its blue vs white every night and I'm sick of it!BRING BACK HOME WHITES!
January 9, 2008 2:59 PM ET | Delete
Word is ESPN will be picking up the NHL playoffs next season, and NBC will still get the Finals !
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