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Random Thoughts

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On a hot humid day, whilst workmen tear apart the house, I have some random thoughts.....

-Forsberg and Holmgren go golfing? Didn't talk about a return? C'mon Paulie, I love ya big guy, but if you didn't discuss Forsberg's intentions for next year, then I am the Tooth Fairy.

-There's nothing worse than having an umkempt house when people arrive. With two kids and both of us working long hours, the house is usually not a high priority. But when the workmen got here today......HOOOO Boy!

-So outside of cleaning, what else is going on? Flyers rookie camp is opening Sept 8th in Voorhees with a scrimmage against the Washington Capitals on the 12th. Look for me, I'll be the fat guy with the lil beauty queen.

-I am putting together a blog idea for Eklund to consider, which would kind of be a legitimization of this "series" of random thought, stream of conciousness blogs. I have a few ideas-it'd be a beer and lifestyle kind of thing.

-Keep up with the feedback on the movies. So far, lots of great flicks have been named, and I want more. The next blog will have a ballot and people can vote for the "Official" Hockey Buzz movie.

Anyhow, it's a short one today, sorry.
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