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Maybe I am just getting old, or maybe there's a burr in my saddle, or maybe, I'm just an angry guy.

-Gary Bettman talking about how every team has been helped by the CBA that ended the lockout. Has Gary heard of a team called the Phoenix Coyotes? The one that is expected to lose between $30 and $45 million this year? I remember back when Wayne Gretzky's group was attempting to buy the team, and Bettman stonewalled other interested parties, just to have Gretzky's name attached to the league. Ah, yes, a big name on shaky finances is far more important than stable, albeit unknown owners.

-While I feel bad for Garrett Klotz of the Philadelphia Phantoms, His injury came in the kind of fighting that has become too commonplace in the NHL-guys using the Tony Twist all offense no defense style of fighting. More on this later.

-Why does Paul Holmgren seem obsessed to add a veteran has been forward to his hockey club? He had his cap strapped team in the hunt for both Sundin and Shanahan, and now has contacted Peter Forsberg. Homer, just because you have cap space doesn't mean you have to run out and use it.

-The suspensions of players who skip the All Star Weekend. If it was about the fans, you'd simply fine guys for not showing, rather than make them miss games where fans plunked down good money to see them play. Why can't leagues stop trying to make all star games into something they're not: Important. Anyone who genuinely cares about an All Star game and it's outcome needs to see the doctor and have their meds upped.

-Ok, back to fighting. Klotz was hurt in exactly the kind of fight I want eliminated. The two goons lining up at a face-off and asking each other if they "Wanna Go?" That isn't part of the game, it's fighting for the sake of fighting. I have no problems with a fight and certainly admit to usually enjoying them. But, fight because a guy ran your team's star player. Or fight because a guy got his stick in your face in the corner. Having two guys who should be working at WalMart or Canadian Tire drop the gloves at the opening face-off isn't part of the "Code". Rather, it spits on the "Code"'s face then kicks it's dog.

For fighting to remain legitimate in the sport, leagues are going to have to make serious efforts to curtail the kind of moronic skull thumping that happens almost every game. Two cement heads banging knuckles off each other's skulls makes the sport of hockey look like a joke. A guy fighting because his teammate got slashed across the wrist is honorable and policing the game and limiting the cheap shot artists.

-Fantasy Hockey Shows on NHL Home Ice Radio. God, I hate fantasy sports. Get a dog...really.

-Why do I see all these great NHL commercials during games on Versus, on NHL Network and other hockey related programs, yet never see them during NFL games, NBA games or any other programming that attracts the NHL's most desirable audience? Cjances are, if I am watching the Isles and Blue Jackets on NHL Network, I'll be tuning in to see the Red Wings and Pens on NBC.
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January 24, 2009 6:39 PM ET | Delete
Couldn't agree more about the Fantasy Hockey Shows on XM Home Ice. I will listen to just about any show on Home Ice, but the Fantasy Stuff has me looking elsewhere on the dial.
January 24, 2009 7:07 PM ET | Delete
good stuff as always...my fighting point as I agree with you, is this...you need to have people who ref or control the game who understand the game. Like you have stated, if you hear them say "you wanna go" make an effort to stop the stupid fighting. But, on the other hand if you know its done for sake of what you have listed then let it go. It's the understanding of the game that's lacking these days.
January 24, 2009 7:48 PM ET | Delete
totally agree on the meaningless fights... no point what so ever... and I think the Forsgberg thing is more of a media hype then anything... I bet 15-20 other GMS called and asked about his health too...
January 24, 2009 10:15 PM ET | Delete
i have a dog.. and i still love my yahoo fantasy league.. live draft is fun!
January 26, 2009 1:21 PM ET | Delete
I have a dog too, his name is fantasy hockey!!!! I'm guessing you have never tried it. When you have money on the line it is quite fun. I'd rather waste my time with fantasy hockey then writing stupid blogs on this website
January 26, 2009 4:51 PM ET | Delete
JS- you made the one good point I've had yet to read about suspending players for an all-star no-show.
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