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Well, we have come to the last 7 games of the 2006-2007 NHL Year. Two teams are on the edge of the top of Mountain.

From the east we have Ottawa Senators and from the west we have Anaheim Ducks.

Both teams defy what Gary Bettman wants the NHL to be a passive, Euro league.

Lets recap how both teams got to the finals

Ottawa Senators

In the first round, Ottawa played a young Pittsburgh Penguins team and schooled them onto the golf course and sent cindy crosby home crying. In second round, they played the team from the swamps of Jersey, New Jersey Devils leaving Martin Brouder battered and bruised and scared the sabres away in the Eastern Confernce Finals....

Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks shouldnt have drop the mighty in mighty ducks becuase they were all but mighty in the first round against a offenseless Minnoesta Wild. In the second round the fought tooth and nail with the vancover cauncks. In the Western Confernece finals, they advoid the biased Brett Hull and able to win the Westerb conference crown...


It's very hard to pick a winner in this final but i think the veteran defenseman of anaheim is the difference.....

Ducks in 7
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