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2nd Round Predictions

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#1 Sabres vs. #7 Rangers

I hate the sabres with a passion. i hate rangers with a passion. this is the series of picking between two evils. So i will go with a upset. Rangers are playing awesome hockey and Sabres had hiccups with Fishy Sticks.

UPSET: Rangers in 7

#3 Debbies v #4 Sens

This series might come down to goalies but i think Sens have something to prove and Debbies had trouble with the Dolts and Sens have two complete lines and the old saying is 2>1 and i dont think Debs can stop Sens top 2 lines, but should be fun.

Sens in 6


#1 Red Wings v #5 San Jose Sharks

i love sharks chances in this series. detriot had hard time with cgy and san jose had time to rest but should be interesting

Sharks in 7

#2 Ducks v #3 Canucks
Canucks have zero shot. teams coming into the second round after playing the first frame 7 games get tired after 3 games and i dont know if anyone can stop the Ducks but Canucks have alot of grit and talent and a goalie that stands on his head

Ducks in 6
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