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I wished NBC cut into the Rangers-Sabres game to show that Barbaro. that game was god awful. from the miss goal and on top of that the miss hooking call on that play. to phantoms calls

Today was an embrassment for NHL. I cant believe two referees on the ice can't make the correct call on ice.

I never saw a game inwhich the calls were slided to the Gaybres. Sabres are Bettman's puppet team and everyone knows it.

I never saw a team dive like the sabres do. they should try out for a swimming team.

oops, they play like their head coach used play when he was a depth chart player.

God, I miss that Barabro Special, that probably would be more entertaining than that embrassment at the Garden

Long Live Barbaro!
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September 7, 2021 12:57 AM ET | Delete
I had missed the Barabro special that is wished to be the NBC cut into the rangers to show the threat in the need. I can’t believe the two referee on the ice that can’t make the homework services on the correct call for ice with knowing about the team and major drastic ways.
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