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Wild Talent being wasted

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I thought the "NEW NHL" is supposed to bring offensive explosion to the NHL but someone forgot to tell the Minnesota Wild.

I looked at the roster of the Minnesota Wild and i found their is great offensive gifted players on that team including names like Demitra, Parrish, Carney, Gaborik and White. These players can score over thirty goals in a season but they are handcuffed by Jacques Lemaire. Lemaire needs to understand that in New NHL you need your offensive players to score or they will packing after game 4.

Kim Johnsson

This is guy isnt worth the money he got. come on, he was a -4 and had 22 points regular season and still makes the bonehead plays he made in philly. He's not producing the way he was in philly. Maybe he still has the case of snifffuls, just like clarke said.....
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October 26, 2020 2:05 AM ET | Delete
I agree with you and I personally know many players who have the ability to play the matches but did not select. The cheap essay shares some of the player's bio as well.
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