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last night blog was a blog of frustration and being pissed off at the sport i love. plus i had little too much too drink last night in celebatation of cinco de mayo, which explains about everything for last night. Sorry if i oftened anyone.

For now on, im only blogging on the finals, Flyers and Ripping gary bettman to help make a change in this league and I’ll release more new jersey’s design from a source I have that has access to these designs ( WARNING: these jerseys get ugly and more ugly)

On to the NHL,
I have been watch Flyers hockey and NHL since i was 5 years old. I come from the old school generation of hockey. i don’t have a rooting interested in Buffalo Gaybres and New York Smurfs. what happen last night in that game was a DISGRACE for NHL and for hockey lovers on so many levels and it clearly explains where is the league is going.

Every person who is in love the 'New NHL' is because the new rules such as the trapezoid, the puck over the glass, gayout and the consistency of calling hooking and holding, and no more blue line.
Some of these rules IMO are working and the others aren’t working

Rules are working

The Icing Rule
This rule works and is common sense because why award a team that dumps the puck intentionally and is able to put freash players on the ice.
Delay of Game Rule
The delay of game rule is great way of telling teams not to be lazy on ice.

Rules aren’t Working

Stupid rule, it makes the flow of the game slower.

The shootout is so stupid right now that it has turned into a clown show. Yeh, it was neat the first year after the lockout but now it’s annoying and gay. It’s turning the sport into a skills competition .

This leads is to last night and what pissed me off. The enforcement of calling the phantoms hooking and holding calls. These two penalties has turned this league into the ‘NBA Light’. These calls are being called by refs on most of the time by the ref that is on the opposite side of the ice. There are so many things that the League should be more considered about than hooking and holding of the player. The league should be worry about the cheap shot players are allow to get away with under the instigator rule. Before the league before lockout the ratio of penalties called hooking or holding was a 3:1 ratio, now its 9:1 ratio. The consonant calling of the hooking and holding is slowing down the game flow and the refs don’t have a standard interruption of how to call these penalties. What the league should be more concern about is that players are diving like Crosby and sabres do all the time and players are getting away with more calls that should be called like boarding calls, inference calls and the inability of the refs to make a simple judgement on a goal.

But the real problem of this league is Mr.Gary Bettman. He still doesn’t know nothing about hockey and micromanages this league to a point to his own satisfaction. The only reason why he has this job because of the small market teams like buffalo and Nashville and mornons in the media who think the guy is a total genius. He doesn’t want fighting, so he puts in the instigator rule, more players are getting more serioulsly hurt since the rule’s exisitance into the league. Bettman panders too much to the media with the idea’s of getting rid of the 4 OT in playoffs and getting rid of classic jerseys infavor of gay jerseys. He wants to turn this league to turn into NBA and doesn’t have any hockey knowledge. If he cared about this league after the lockout, he should left as Comminionier when the lockout was over. Has long he runs the NHL of this league. The hardcore base that kept this league life support for years will declare this league dead……

The early signals indicators of the NHL’s death
- Low tv ratings
- Extends contract with cable network that cant be found on BASIC cable
- Moré players are paying more into escrow accounts next season
- AFL outdraws NHL on tv and in some arenas
- League attendance grew 1%

The early signals indicators of the NHL’s death from flyers point of view
- Season tickets holders are down 15% because of a team and their club boxes sells are down 25% because they think the ‘New NHL’ sucks.

Im just telling the truth…

btw, im surprised that Eklund didnt put the Iglina to the Flyers rumors in his blog, that's a (e2) special
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