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seriously, people need to take a very,very deep breath about the McLennan slash. come on, real hockey fans will tell this used to happen all the time. I remember Ron Hextall jabbing the forward infront for position to see where the puck. Hextall did slash players and faced the consequences. He would a) face the player (thats call players policing themselves or b) get a fined.

This suspension was brought on by the Ray Ferraro or people in the media who wants fighting out of hockey FOREVER!.

People need to suck it up and understand that you cant get the volience out of the Hockey.

Players today have no respect for each and it goes back to the instagator rule. Since Bettman and his gang try to curb fighting and let the frustration on ice continue it allow fighting turn these players into cheapshot artists becuase the frustration they cant use in a fight can only be released in a cheapshot.....

Vancover Canucks = 2000 Philadelphia Flyers

Vancouver Cauncks look similar to a team that i watch in 2000. Philadelphia Flyers team that was leading 3-1 going into a game 5 but they had 3 times to close it out but the couldnt. 2007 Vancover Canucks look the same, but Canucks are under alot more pressure because their home game is in O'Canada.

Paul Holmgren is a very smart GM

After watching the Predators and Thrashers selling their future to the Philadelphia Flyers for broken down Veterans, Paul Holmgren deserves a 15 year contract after those trades.......
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April 22, 2007 8:20 PM ET | Delete
Why wouldn't McClennan grab him and start fighting him? If he was mad enough to hack him with his stick, it would have made more sense to settle it with fists. Who cares if he gets tossed out of the game? Also, you can't compare what players used to do. If you did, then you would think it's acceptable for them to go into the stands and fight fans. Well, maybe you do. Personally I like fighting, and what McClennan did was way out of line.
April 22, 2007 8:24 PM ET | Delete
"Why wouldn't McClennan grab him and start fighting him?"He should Have.Who cares if he gets tossed out of the game? Thats my point, he's a back up goalie"Also, you can't compare what players used to do. If you did, then you would think it's acceptable for them to go into the stands and fight fans."This isnt the NBA
April 22, 2007 8:41 PM ET | Delete
LOL, that slash was dumb. There is no excuse for that, I like Mclennan a lot, but that was brutal. He deserves a couple game suspension, but that won't cause any serious injury so it shouldn't be too big of a deal.I think you're blind if you think that kind of thing is okay.
April 23, 2007 5:54 AM ET | Delete
Uhhhhh aren't you the same guy calling for Jordin Tootoo and Scott Hartnell to be kicked out of the league for life because they hit people wrong? And now you're advocating (dictionary.com if you need assistance) some guy brutally swinging a GOALIE stick at a guy's stomach like an axe? Alright man, cool. Oh by the way, rumor is Philly wants Hartnell, have fun with that.
April 24, 2007 3:07 PM ET | Delete
Swinging a stick at a guy baseball-style and dropping the gloves with a willing opponent are two COMPLETELY different things. McLennan's act was weak, cowardly and totally unacceptable. It has NO place in the game whatsoever. Fighting will always be a part of hockey - it needs to be, but if you can't see the difference between the sometimes-necessary acts of enforcers and what McLennan did, you need to get your head checked.
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