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What a friggin joke

Posted 11:54 PM ET | Comments 2
I thought game 7's in the stanley cup playoffs were decided by the players? that third period was an embrassment to nhl. call after call was hooking or holding.

my god, even the Dave Strader was confused if There was a pentaly when Turco was pulled at the end of the game

BTW, Trevor Linden did a nice job on the hook(which was a pentaly) before scoring the game winning goal

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April 24, 2007 12:03 AM ET | Delete
Thanks buddy...I was appalled my the never-ending calls...UNBELIEVABLE. And it all started with a phantom high stick. How in the hell can a referee ASSUME a high sticking penalty, in game 7 no less? The Canuck never even flinched...you don't think a guy that gets high stick in a game 7 is going to "react"? PURE LUNACY!
April 24, 2007 8:43 PM ET | Delete
Well the ref's won the game eh? Ok so then the ref determined the outcome of game 6 when he called Linden on the check from behind early in the game which eventually led to a 5 on 3 and the Stars opening goal. However apparently it wasn't a penalty in game 7 when Nagy ran Morrison from behind in the late stages of the game. Oh and the tripping calls when Lindros steps on a Burrows stick? LOL! The calls went both ways all series long, you win some and you lose some. I guess it was a phatom call when the Stars decided to put 6 skaters on the ice. Our boys stepped up, Dallas well they didn't. FORE!
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