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Put * to Marty's Record

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I love to hear Chico Reish brag everytime about how brouder is the greatest goalie since rice bread and when he broke Parent solidified Marty as the greatest goalie is total BS.

After going to one of my favorite website, www.flyershistory.com and looking at the both seasons, i came to the conclusion that Marty record is a total fraud as Barry Bonds breaking Home Run record while taking the roids.

Here is my argument.

Bernie was playing in 78 game season playing against the talent of Bobby Orr,Vickers,the French connection, Mikita, Esposito, Lafleur,Sittler,Nystrom inwhich every game ment something everynight.

The record Broudur broke was basically handed to him because some moron in the NHL fr4ont office decided to hand out wins in overtimes and the skill competitions (Gayout). plus the fact marty was facing water down talent with teams that dont deserve to be in the NHL
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The blog is to put things in the Marty’s record that are comprised of almost 8 comments to do the performance in their own ways. I always love to hear Chico Reish brag every time about https://www.australian-writings.org/ with the greatest goalie since rice bread and when he broke up.
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Flyers Hockey 81 is the profile from the United States from the post blog web of my hockey buzz with the reasonable comments. The way is to put the Marty’s record in the great exposure of Iv drip therapy with the solidifying the baking of the bread in the segment of rights.
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