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After reading the passinate blog that TIm Panccio wrote about the hack job by NBC. Maybe TIm and other NHL writers start addressing the real problem in this league..

Gary Bettman

There is only two writers who openly goes after Bettman on his mistakes and that guy is Larry Brooks of New York Post and then Toronto Sun NHL Writer Al Strachan.

Al Strachan knew from begining that Bettman wanted to do a 360 job on NHL and AL was right him.

People Like Stan Fischler and Damien Cox need to stop kissing Bettman's Ass.

Why cant beat writers like Tim Pancccio start openly critizing what this guy is doing to the sport i love since i was a baby.

Is Timmy afraid that he would get banned from NHL events or be banned from interviewing 'Commissioner Betterman' for life.

Gary Bettman is by far the worst Commissioner in any of the '4 major sports' and yesterday proved it people.

It was a total disgrace to see a Commissioner just sit there and do NOTHING while a major network moves a conference finals game to a channel you cant find on BASIC CABLE.

It was a total disgrace to see a Commissioner put in a rule that allows players have zero respect for each other. (Instgator Rule)

It was a total disgrace to see a Commissioner to make it a league mandate to call phantoms pentalies and have retards for refs

I'LL just quote two people, Chris Pronger and Brad Marsh who actually knows something about hockey....

"I think inconsistency in the refereeing has been there all season, let alone in the playoffs. All you've got to do is look at our games against Detroit. You could bring in other series. The referees have been very inconsistent from series to series, from game to game and from team to team. As you witnessed, (Thursday) night was an absolute joke. But that's neither here nor there. It's over with. I just hope going forward we're going to be on a level playing field." ---Chris Pronger

Attendance is down in the NHL. I don't care what anyone says. The Detroit Red Wings have yet to sell out a playoff game. . . . Don't get me wrong; they had to take out some of that hooking and holding and grabbing because it was at an all-time worst and it was ruining the game. But it was ruining the game in the last five or six years because officials weren't calling it. With expansion, they had inferior players playing in the NHL and that's all they could do. There was nothing wrong with the game in the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s. To me, the new rules and the officiating are ruining the game and they've taken those rules and put them in minor hockey. We're not producing any skilled players at the novice, atom and pee wee levels because three-quarters of the game is spent in the penalty box. I coach minor hockey. Brendan Shanahan talks about this, this and this. He's never stood behind a minor hockey bench and he's never run a minor hockey practice. I know what the rules are doing to minor hockey. They're ruining minor hockey. Period. ---Brad Marsh

It was a total disgrace to see a Commissioner to spin things like there is no problems...........

I openly chanllenge Tim Pannccio and all NHL Media types to start questioning this guy. if you love this game so much do something about, start openly critizing Bettman and challenge him everytime he does an interview with you. cant you guys open you're eyes and see what this guy has done to nhl?

Clarance Campbell must be spining in his grave right now see how the sport he expanded outside the orginal 5 is being destoryed.......
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May 20, 2007 11:37 AM ET | Delete
That call on Mike Fisher last night was a disgrace. The officiating in this league is at an absolute low. The problem is the 2 ref system. There isn't enough good refs around to have 2 refs per game. When I see that Chris Lee is calling a game I know that we're in for a loooooooong unentertaining night.
May 20, 2007 10:00 PM ET | Delete
Tim Panaccio has ripped Bettman before, on several issues, the latest being headshots.
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