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Since the flyers are out of the playoffs and i love to look at stats after games and after brilliant jobs by the refs in yesterday's games i decided to look at one stat that should be alarming. THe Amount of Pentalies called in a playoff game

27 Power Plays called in Two Playoff Games

The refs are carrying out buttman's message by continue to call the phantom hooking,holding,interfernce calls

in both games last night, hooking was called 6 times in each game. Delay of Game was called twice and Holding was called in vancover game and we had a diver in that game also.

if you want to call a pentaly, please use it with DIGRESTION......

What i am saying that if this isnt any evidence that Bettman's intension is to turn this league into NBA then i dont how to convice you. In playoff hockey you let them play and let two teams settle it on the ice.

you wonder why a ref like Kerry Frasher isnt doing any games, well it's because Frasher is one of the best officals and one of the last refs that will allow the players settle it themelves and wouldnt allow Bettman tell him how to officate a game.

Playoff Notes
Sharks should be up two -zero on red wings. after the second goal, they sat on that lead and they deserved to lose.

Where is Gordie Howe...oops Kyle Calder these days.....

Flyers Thought

After reading this
"Poile met with players last week. Paul Kariya, Peter Forsberg and Kimmo Timonen are his his three highest profile unrestricted free agents.

Timonen may be too expensive to keep around.

"Kimmo is arguably the highest free-agent defenceman available," said Poile. "He's going to get a huge raise and he deserves it. I think in this new age, not only with the salary cap but with our own specific budget, we've got to fit everybody in and I'm not far enough along in that process to see where it all fits.

"But he's a really good player and we'd really like to have him back."

Maybe Flyers should make Timonen their first priority and make that deal for Seabrook that Timmay P suggested.

Look at Buffalo, their all offensive game relies on the goalie and defenseman....
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Nice blog, especially your comment on Kerry Fraser which seems to me to be right on.
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